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NHL 142 43 Tough Guy Tracker 21809181 Grab 'n' go Grab+%27n%27+go NHL

WAM! BAM! Thank you, man!

An NHL tough guy isn't necessarily someone who goes out and beats the snot out of an opponent every night. Sure, goons like that still exist in the league, but an NHL tough guy is more than that. He is a player who will not only stand up for himself and/or his teammates, but will also play through and dish out pain or a game-changing check whenever his team needs him to do so.

Each Wednesday, FOXSports.com's NHL Tough Guy Tracker will spotlight those players and some of the best scraps from around the league.

— Punch Imback

Matt Slocum - AP Images http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2010/11/09/110910-NHL-gallery-intro_20101109210120_600_400.JPG http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2010/11/09/110910-NHL-gallery-intro_20101109210120_107_80.JPG
NHL 142 43 Tough Guy Tracker 21809180 Jamie McGinn, San Jose Sharks Jamie+McGinn%2C+San+Jose+Sharks NHL

After Tampa Bay's Ryan Malone drilled San Jose's Torrey Mitchell into the boards on Nov. 6, Jamie McGinn did some drilling of his own on behalf of his Sharks' his teammate. McGinn skated over to Malone and pounded the big Lightning winger to the ice with a series of nasty rights.

Marcio Jose Sanchez - AP Images http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2010/11/09/110910-NHL-gallery-2_20101109210120_600_400.JPG http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2010/11/09/110910-NHL-gallery-2_20101109210120_107_80.JPG
NHL 142 43 Tough Guy Tracker 21809179 Cody McLeod vs. Guillaume Desbiens Cody+McLeod+vs.+Guillaume+Desbiens NHL

Seconds after Vancouver took a 1-0 lead on Colorado last Thursday, Cody McLeod tried to fire up his team by dropping the mitts with Guillaume Desbiens on the ensuing faceoff. But McLeod should have left well enough alone, as Desbiens hit the Avs' scrapper so much in the fight that he broke his own hand.

Chris Schneider - AP Images http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2010/11/09/110910-NHL-gallery-8_20101109210121_600_400.JPG http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2010/11/09/110910-NHL-gallery-8_20101109210121_107_80.JPG
NHL 142 43 Tough Guy Tracker 21809183 Cody McCormick, Buffalo Sabres Cody+McCormick%2C+Buffalo+Sabres NHL

With his team already down 4-0 to the Bruins in the second period last Wednesday, Buffalo's Cody McCormick wasn't going to let his team get pummeled any more. After witnessing Boston's Mark Stuart rough up Patrick Kaleta along the sideboards, the Sabres' winger decided to take matters into his own hands, throwing haymaker after haymaker at the Bruins' defenseman.

Bruce Bennett - Getty Images http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2010/11/09/110910-NHL-gallery-10_20101109210228_600_400.JPG http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2010/11/09/110910-NHL-gallery-10_20101109210228_107_80.JPG
NHL 142 43 Tough Guy Tracker 21809182 Colton Orr, Toronto Maple Leafs Colton+Orr%2C+Toronto+Maple+Leafs NHL

In a scrap that almost lasted a minute and a half, Toronto's Colton Orr laid the smackdown on Washington's D.J. King. The Maple Leafs' enforcer connected with a flurry of rights in the beginning of the melee, which rattled the Caps tough guy for the remainder of the fight.

Susan Walsh - AP Images http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2010/11/09/110910-NHL-gallery-7_20101109210121_600_400.JPG http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2010/11/09/110910-NHL-gallery-7_20101109210121_107_80.JPG
NHL 142 43 Tough Guy Tracker 21816127 Jared Boll, Columbus Blue Jackets Jared+Boll%2C+Columbus+Blue+Jackets+ NHL

Minnesota rookie Matt Kassian got schooled by Columbus Jared Boll in a fight on Nov. 6 at Nationwide Arena that lasted over a minute. Even though Kassian threw more punches in the bout, it was Boll's jersey jabs and punishing right at the end of the fight that knocked the smirk and helmet off the Wild freshman.

Glenn James - Getty Images http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2010/11/09/110910-NHL-gallery-3_20101109210845_600_400.JPG http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2010/11/09/110910-NHL-gallery-3_20101109210845_107_80.JPG
NHL 142 43 Tough Guy Tracker 21809186 Sidney Crosby, Pittsburgh Penguins Sidney+Crosby%2C+Pittsburgh+Penguins NHL

With his team down 3-0 to Dallas in the second period, Pittsburgh's Sidney Crosby tried to get his team going by squaring off with the Stars' Matt Niskanen. After absorbing some Niskanen blows in the beginning of the bout, Crosby bounced back and put the Stars' blueliner on his numbers.

Glenn James - Getty Images http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2010/11/09/110910-NHL-gallery-6_20101109210845_600_400.JPG http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2010/11/09/110910-NHL-gallery-6_20101109210845_107_80.JPG
NHL 142 43 Tough Guy Tracker 21809184 New York Rangers vs. Philadelphia Flyers New+York+Rangers+vs.+Philadelphia+Flyers NHL

While the Flyers may have beaten the Rangers up on the scoreboard Thursday night at The Wac, New York's tough guys, Derek Boogaard and Brandon Prust, skated away winners, besting Philly ruffians Jody Shelley and Daniel Carcillo in individual tussles.

Matt Slocum - AP Images http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2010/11/09/110910-NHL-gallery-9_20101109210228_600_400.JPG http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2010/11/09/110910-NHL-gallery-9_20101109210228_107_80.JPG
NHL 142 43 Tough Guy Tracker 21796438 David Backes vs. Andrew Ference David+Backes+vs.+Andrew+Ference NHL

After St. Louis forward David Backes drilled veteran Mark Recchi in open ice,
Boston's Andrew Ference came to the defense of his fallen teammate. The Bruins' defender more than held his own against the much-bigger Backes, exchanging a series of rights with the Blues' tough guy, which dropped Backes to his knees.

Winslow Townson - AP Images http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2010/11/09/110910-NHL-gallery-4_20101109210121_600_400.JPG http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2010/11/09/110910-NHL-gallery-4_20101109210121_107_80.JPG
NHL 142 43 Tough Guy Tracker 21809185 John Scott vs. Zach Stortini John+Scott+vs.+Zach+Stortini NHL

With his team down 1-0 to the Chicago Blackhawks on Sunday, Edmonton's Zach Stortini tried to get his team going up by throwing a big check on John Scott in the second period. But unfortunately for Stortini Scott saw him coming and had his fists in the Oilers winger's face before he knew what hit him.

Jonathan Daniel - Getty Images http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2010/11/09/110910-NHL-gallery-1_20101109210845_600_400.JPG http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2010/11/09/110910-NHL-gallery-1_20101109210845_107_80.JPG
NHL 142 43 Tough Guy Tracker 21809178 Dallas Stars vs. Pittsburgh Penguins Dallas+Stars+vs.+Pittsburgh+Penguins NHL

On Nov. 3 in Dallas, Stars' fans were not only treated to a hometown win, they also got to enjoy four fights on the night with the best bout being Jamie Benn pounding Pittsburgh's Chris Kunitz into oblivion with five rights and a wild left.

Tim Sharp - AP Images http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2010/11/09/110910-NHL-gallery-5_20101109210121_600_400.JPG http://static.foxsports.com/content/fscom/img/2010/11/09/110910-NHL-gallery-5_20101109210121_107_80.JPG
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