Fandangoing the newest craze

The newest viral music/video craze has come from an unlikely
spot and less likely person.

Fandangoing and Fandango are taking an international hold and
they don’t plan on letting go.

So who or what are they?

Fandango is a wrestler with WWE, a new one at that. His
“gimmick” is one of a dancer. And he took it one step further
— sorry — by refusing to wrestle or even enter the ring
unless his name was pronounced correctly.

The music, written by longtime WWE composer Jim Johnston, has
gone feverish — as in white hot.

The fans in Britain are so behind the entrance theme that they
driven it
up the iTunes charts — going as high as No. 11
— in hopes of getting regular radio airplay.

So, what does they catchy tune sounds like? Have a listen.


The craze has even hit the NFL as the Houston Texans
cheerleaders are getting in on the action.

The music took over the end of Monday’s RAW program as the fans’
sing-along even started to distract the wrestlers in the ring
toward the end of the show.

And for those WWE fans who couldn’t get enough, the music didn’t
stop after RAW. A New Jersey Transit train car turned into a
Fandango concert of sorts. Only in the WWE.