10 worst-rated Super Bowl commercials

According to our users these were the worst commercials of Super Bowl XLVII. Click on the commercial title to watch it.

Go Daddy: The Kiss

Liked by 15% of users

The look on Bar Refaeli’s face after kissing nerd/character actor Jesse Heiman in this commercial pretty much sums up how everyone else probably felt after watching it.

Budweiser: Black Crown

Liked by 19% of users

A bunch of Goths drinking a “new” Budweiser beer? This? From the company that gave us the Bud Bowl? Somewhere Billy Bud and Bobby Bud Beechwood are crying in their, well, beers.

Budweiser: New Black Crown

Liked by 22% of users

The second attempt at a commercial for this Budweiser beer falls as flat as the first. Set at a masquerade ball, there is nothing refreshing about this commercial.

Pepsi: Next

Liked by 28% of users

Kids, you can totally get away with having a rocking party while your parents are gone if you’re serving Pepsi Next. Of course, the commercial doesn’t account for the likelihood of actually having a rocking party if you’re serving Pepsi Next.

Beck’s: Sapphire

Liked by 31% of users

Not sure when beer companies found the need to name their products after precious metals and gems. Also not sure if an animated fish singing about the virtue of an adult beverage was the best way to spend $4 million.

Subway: Outtakes

Liked by 33% of users

There isn’t much that is funny about myriad celebrities mispronouncing Subway’s big February promotion.

Lincoln: Road trip tweets

Liked by 34% of users

Lincoln put together a story based off of tweets from hitchhikers. Unfortunately, the tweets were not very compelling.

MiO Fit: Tracy Morgan

Liked by 35% of users

Not even a Tracy Morgan sighting makes the thought of a new sports drink exciting.

Calvin Klein: Underwear

Liked by 35% of users

Apparently, Calvin Klein’s big “concept” was to put a guy with six-pack abs in underwear.

Jack in the Box: Hot Mess

Liked by 39% of users

Jack relives his hair band days and how he met his wife.


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