RG3: ‘Griffining’ is ‘pretty funny’

Robert Griffin III says ”Griffining” is ”pretty funny.”

It’s the 2012 answer to ”Tebowing.” The ”Grifining” pose was born during the rookie’s first NFL touchdown pass in the Washington Redskins’ 40-32 win over the New Orleans Saints on Sunday.

Griffin was hit while throwing the ball, then sat up and raised his arms when he saw Pierre Garcon make the catch and scamper for an 88-yard score.

Now many people are copying the pose. It’s become an Internet sensation.

Says Griffin: ”Who would have thought getting knocked on your butt and throwing a touchdown would start a phenomenon like that? But it is what it is. And `Griffining,’ `RG3ing,’ whatever they want to call it, I’m not opposed to it. But it’s pretty funny to me.”