Fan loses bet, eats beard

This guy really liked the Redskins chances against the Eagles. But when they lost, he had to pay up. Trust us, it doesn't go down easy.

As a bearded American, I can testify that it doesn't get much worse, beard-wise, than trimming your whiskers and getting some of them in your mouth.

It's really pretty gross, and I wouldn't ever do it on purpose.

That wasn't an option, however, for Washington Redskins fan and comedian Jason Pickar, who had to eat part of his own beard after losing a bet on Monday night's game against the Philadelphia Eagles:

To be fair, the still-hirsute Pickar only eats one tiny bite of his beard in the video, so it strikes me as kind of a copout. And he seems to be playing to the camera a little bit. It's bad, but it's not that bad.

That said, folks with facial hair tend to be pretty protective of their beards — it's an investment to grow these things — and the mental anguish of having to trim it and then literally swallow your pride should be enough to absolve this guy of his debt.

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