Vikings great Page pens kids’ book about odd pinky

Pro football Hall of Famer and Minnesota Supreme Court Justice
Alan Page has written a children’s book about his odd pinky, a
finger that’s permanently bent outward at a 90-degree angle.

The book, which will be released next week, is called ”Alan and
His Perfectly Pointy, Impossibly Perpendicular Pinky,” KARE-TV
reported ( ).

The former NFL MVP says children always want to know what
happened to the finger.

”It does make a good story,” said Page, who decided the story
would be good enough to read about. He and his daughter, Kamie
Page, wrote the book to help raise money for the Page Education
Foundation, which has helped thousands of kids attend college over
the last 25 years.

The pinky has been dislocated and reset several times. Page
recalled one game when he showed his injured pinky to Vikings
teammate Jim Marshall.

”He says, `What’s your problem?’ I sort of whimpered and showed
him my finger and he says, `What’s wrong with that? Give me your
hand.’ I gave him my hand and he yanked it back into place,” Page

The book will be released April 6 at the education foundation’s
25th anniversary benefit gala at Target Field.

Page has been a state Supreme Court justice for the past 20
years. While in the NFL, he played for both the Minnesota Vikings
and the Chicago Bears. The Page Education Foundation provides money
for young scholars and requires them to give back to the
educational community.

As for the pinky, Page jokes, ”It makes for a very good turn


Page Education Foundation: