Torrey Smith is no fan of Pats fans

Torrey Smith apparently isn’t too fond of New England Patriots fans.

In the midst of the Stanley Cup Final pitting the Chicago Blackhawks against the Boston Bruins, the Baltimore Ravens wide receiver was asked a relatively benign question on Twitter by a fan — which team would he be cheering for?

Smith responded that he would be rooting for Chicago because he hates “everything about [New England] except [Kevin Garnett].”

When asked to elaborate, Smith was more specific.

Those sound like fightin’ words. Smith even assured a skeptical fan on Twitter that he would not backtrack on his statements because he doesn’t drink so he has “no excuses.”

While Smith has a strong aversion to New England’s fans, he said he respects the Patriots coaches and ownership.





For the record, the Patriots lead the series with the Ravens 7-3.