Oops: Brady left hanging by teammate

Tom Brady’s new-look receiving corps has been leaving him
hanging on the field for most of the first six weeks of the season,
as Brady has tried to adjust to life without Wes Welker, Brandon
Lloyd, Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez and Danny Woodhead.

And now it seems the Patriots’ pass-catchers have taken
their act to the sideline, where they and Brady can’t even
get on the same page for a high-five:

In the gif above, Brady can be seen offering a high-five and a
word of encouragement to Julian Edelman after a Patriots’
three-and-out in the second quarter against the New Orleans Saints.
Edelman, however, appeared to be more focused on adjusting the
waistband of his pants.

Not seen: Brady’s reaction to Edelman once the receiver
got out of frame:

(GIFs via
Deadspin and
Business Insider)