Life and times of Tebow’s NFL career

It’s been a long road for the young man from Florida.
Unbelievable highs and some ugly lows. After the news that Tebow
on Saturday by the New England Patriots, let’s relive
them. We’re going to skip his college career, because enough has
been made out of that. We’ve seen all the tapes many times. Let’s
just focus on his NFL days.

Tim goes in the FIRST ROUND

I put the last two words in capital letters because that’s how
momentous of an event that was. Rewind to April 2010. Tim Tebow,
despite a magnificent career at the college level, was being picked
apart by virtually every draftnik in the land. Too slow! Too
inaccurate! Bad throwing motion! Rabble Rabble Rabble! You get the
idea. People said he’d be lucky to go in the third round, at

What people couldn’t have anticipated was Josh McDaniels, the
rookie head coach for the Broncos. He must have been looking to
make a statement because he and the team orchestrated a trade with
the Ravens for the 25th pick in the NFL Draft. And then this

Tim scores his first NFL touchdown

Tebow didn’t play much initially with the Broncos, as the
team was still relying on Kyle Orton. However, he did get some game
action and scored his first professional touchdown on Oct 17,
somewhat ironically against the New York Jets. It was just a 5-yard
run, but it was the first of many in a Denver uniform.

Tim sets a Denver team record

Specifically, the Broncos record for the longest touchdown run
by a quarterback. It came in his first NFL start, with the team out
of the playoff race. He ran it in from 40 yards out in the first

He also became the first NFL quarterback to score a rushing
touchdown in his first three starts. Tebow would have to wait
another week for his first pro win.


The 2011 season began the same as 2010: with Tebow on the bench
watching Kyle Orton start. However, the arrangement didn’t
last long as new head coach John Fox named Tebow the starting
quarterback before their Week 7 matchup against the Miami

After trailing most of the game, Tebow came alive late in the
fourth quarter, leading the Broncos to a game-tying touchdown and
an eventual overtime victory. The momentum was gaining.

Tebow fever keeps growing and growing

Following the win over the Dolphins, Tebow and the Broncos won
the next two games and faced a Thursday night matchup against the
Jets. After trailing yet again for the most of the game, Tebow
directed a 95-yard touchdown, with him delivering the final

Tebow’s winning streak would eventually reach seven games,
with the nation riveted in front of their televisions every

Tim does the unthinkable

After backing into the playoffs, Tebow faced what many believed
to be an unwinnable game against the Steelers at home. After all,
the experts said, Tebow might have beaten a bunch of weak AFC West
teams and other league cellar dwellers, but this was the vaunted
Steelers. Then, Tebow did this on the first play of overtime:

That’s right, a touchdown pass. At that point, people were
wondering if this guy could walk on water.

Tim finds a new home

Despite the magic playoff run, the Broncos decided to go in a
different direction for 2012. They went out and signed free agent
Peyton Manning, then traded Tebow to the New York Jets on March 21,

Remember how excited Tim was to be with the Jets? You should,
because he said “I’m excited to be a Jet” at least 40 times during
the introductory news conference. People drooled over the
possibilities of Tebow beating out Mark Sanchez for the starting QB
job in the Big Apple.

Things fall apart

Well, that never happened. For whatever reason, Tebow never saw
significant playing time at quarterback for the Jets. Instead, he
was used sparingly in a number of questionable positions.
It’s hard to find any highlights, but here is one lowlight:
him being hit in the head by a Sanchez pass.

Actually, there is one highlight

Remember the Mark Sanchez buttfumble? Check the tape …
don’t see Tebow out there, do you? That has got to be a
feather in his cap: