NFL trying to halt ‘MY Jesus’ shirts

The NFL has taken steps to shut down the sale of T-shirts featuring the words "MY Jesus" in a design similar to the New York Jets logo, which the manufacturers admit were produced to reference quarterback Tim Tebow’s strong Christian faith.

The NFL sent the company,, a cease-and-desist-letter last week, NBC Sports reported Sunday, citing sources. If the company does not comply, the league will reportedly take legal action.

It was reported last week that Tebow’s lawyers had sent a cease-and-desist letter to because the shirts gave the impression their client endorsed the product.

However, the website’s bosses told TMZ they would not back down, saying the T-shirt design "shares nothing with Mr. Tebow except for promotion of a common Lord and Savior."

According to NBC Sports, the NFL has a much stronger case than Tebow because the shirt does not infringe on his name, likeness, or any intellectual property, copyrights or trademarks he owns, but it is an apparent infringement against the Jets logo.

On its website, the company says the T-shirt’s "fun design is not officially endorsed by New York’s backup quarterback or the Son of God, but plays off the themes of Tebow’s faith and his new team — borrowing from the J-E-T-S to promote J-E-S-U-S, with a fish for a football, and "MY" replacing "NY" with a color scheme that will be familiar to Jets fans."

The T-shirts are still for sale on the company’s website.