Tebow signs with William Morris agency

NFL star Tim Tebow has signed with top Hollywood talent agency William Morris Endeavor, the agency told the Hollywood Reporter on Thursday.

The agency will handle endorsements and other opportunities — like book deals, personal appearances and any movie or television offers — for the immensely popular Denver Broncos quarterback.

The 24-year-old Tebow, who already endorses Nike products, will still be represented by CAA for his football contracts.

"Tebow-mania" exploded last season as the former Florida Gators star assumed the starting quarterback duties in midseason and led the Broncos on a run to the AFC West title that included several improbable comeback victories.

Tebow became one of the most polarizing figures in NFL history in the process, drawing adoration and criticism from legions of NFL fans due to his outspoken religious beliefs. He even sparked a phenomenon called "Tebowing," with people pretending to kneel in prayer, simulating his signature touchdown celebration.

The reaction on Twitter after his game-winning touchdown pass to beat the Steelers in the playoffs broke a record for the site, with 9,420 tweets per second, topping news events like the deaths of Usama bin Laden and Steve Jobs.