Rice ‘very surprised’ by Moss’ claim

Jerry Rice says he’s "very surprised" at Randy Moss’ claim to be the greatest receiver ever, and that he himself has been “very productive.” But Rice won’t come out and say that he’s the best.

Moss turned some heads Tuesday when he called himself the best wide receiver in NFL history. Rice, however, was diplomatic — sort of — when people instantly started commenting that the title should instead go to Rice. (Michael Irvin, for one, pulled no punches when he joined the debate, saying "It is Jerry Rice, period.")

“I’m very surprised Randy Moss used that in those words, that he’s the greatest,” Rice said on ESPN. “You’d never hear me say I’m the greatest football player to ever play the game. I let my body of work speak for itself, and I think I was able to be very productive on the football field.”

So, that’s how you say you’re the greatest ever without saying you’re the greatest ever. Well played, Mr. Rice.

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