Shear genius as Broncos vets shave rookies’ locks

Tim Tebow was all the buzz Saturday night at the Denver Broncos’

The rookie quarterback stood out not only for his play at
practice but for his shaved locks, the top of his head completely
sheared to leave a ring of hair that made him look like a monk.

The pranks the veterans will play.

Tebow and the other rookies had their heads decorated with wacky
haircuts before the workout and they had to show them off during
warm-ups when they couldn’t hide underneath their helmets.

”I think all the rookies had a good time with it,” Tebow said.
”It was something to give everybody a laugh, something also to
build chemistry.”

Tebow wasn’t the only one to get a bad haircut. Receiver Eric
Decker was outfitted with lines carved into his ‘do and left guard
Zane Beadles sported a reverse Mohawk.

Offensive lineman Eric Olsen was able to save his long, flowing
dirty blond locks in the back, but he’s now bald on top, and tight
end Nathan Overbay had half a haircut, his left side sheared and
his right side left alone.

Tebow’s new look was hard to miss, especially with his thick
facial hair. When his image was shown on the big screen at Invesco
Field before practice, the crowd broke into laughter.

He said linebacker Wesley Woodyard was the barber responsible
for his cut, taking out some of his college frustrations with the
razor (Woodyard went to SEC rival Kentucky).

”He was getting a few blows back from the college days,” Tebow
said, laughing.

Tebow didn’t stand out just for his bad haircut. The first-round
pick out of Florida looked good in front of the home crowd, too,
tossing about a 25-yard touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas into the
corner of the end zone. Tebow then sprinted down the field to
celebrate with his fellow rookie.

”He went up there and got it,” Tebow said. ”Great job by

Later in the practice, Tebow made a play with his feet, scoring
a short TD on a QB keeper.

”To go out there and play in the stadium for the first time was
really exciting,” Tebow said. ”To be able to have a drive and try
to run the offense was fun.”

After practice, fans excitedly took pictures of Tebow’s bad
haircut, which quickly circulated around the Internet.

Finally, a team official handed him a baseball cap to hide his
bad hair day.