So fast, he's barely street-legal

Robert Gill, a 29-year-old rookie on the Arizona Cardinals, runs 25 mph on a treadmill — is the NFL's fastest man?

Robert Gill is the oldest rookie in the NFL. He may also be the fastest man in the league — regardless of age.

Gill is 29, an undrafted free agent receiver in Cardinals camp. He played one year of safety in high school, went to college with hoop dreams, then ran track at small colleges before trying his hand in the Canadian Football League and a host of indoor leagues, including Arena 2, and something called the Intense Football League. During these travels, Gill came across Cardinals scout Josh Scobey, who noticed Gill and kept an eye on him. That led to this season's try-out.

Yeah, the guy is well-traveled. But with speed like this, it probably felt like a short journey. Check out Gill hitting the treadmill at 25 mph.


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