Sherman case turning into a big mess

The Richard Sherman suspension is taking turns left and right.

First, the Seahawks’ star cornerback denied taking Adderall, despite an report saying that his failed test stemmed from taking the prescription drug. Then, a USA Today report citing an unnamed source with knowledge of the situation said Sherman accidentally drank from a bottle into which his teammate had poured crushed Adderall. Now, Sherman is denying the USA Today report, according to Curtis Crabtree of

Crabtree tweeted that Sherman texted that the report is “totally false” and said, “It was be resolved in time and I have never taken anything.” To recap: the reports have gone from Adderall to no Adderall to crushed Adderall in a drink, back to no Adderall.

The Adderall defense has gained increase publicity thanks to other recent suspensions of NFL players. On Monday alone, Jermaine Cunningham and Eric Wright were both suspended for reportedly taking Adderall not prescribed by a doctor. Since the NFL does not release what triggered a failed test, Adderall could be used as a cover-up for PEDs that would tarnish a players’ reputation more like steroids or HGH — a scenario one former player explained to NESN on Monday.