Sheen’s latest call to ‘Dan Patrick Show’

Is this Charlie’s Sheen’s final interview?

The actor called in to FOX Sports Radio’s "The Dan Patrick Show" on Wednesday for the third time in as many weeks, telling host Patrick, "This is where it all began and where it all ends."

The former star of TV’s "Two and a Half Men" — he was fired from the sitcom this week — has been grabbing headlines with his rants ever since his first appearance on Patrick’s radio show three weeks ago.

Patrick acknowledged as much Wednesday, asking Sheen, "Did I cause all of this?"

Sheen jokingly replied, "I wouldn’t say you caused all of it. I’m gonna go with, like, 94 percent."

Sheen spent some time Wednesday ribbing former Arkansas quarterback Ryan Mallett, taking shots at his former sitcom employers and criticizing the media’s coverage of him: "At the end of the day, it’s really about ratings, it’s about commerce, it’s about just discarding people and not really caring."

He disputed rumors that he had drugs or alcohol on the set of the show, and told Patrick he approves of either John Stamos or Rob Lowe as his possible replacements if the show continues.