Rodgers bet on Braun's innocence

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers once 'bet' on Brewers' Ryan Braun being innocent

As Ryan Braun's detractors grow louder with news of his suspension, there is one staunch supporter of the Brewers slugger who is conspicuously quiet.

That’s right, Aaron Rodgers, we’re talking to you. The Packers quarterback and known friend of Braun vehemently defended the now-suspended outfielder when news broke he tested positive for a drug test in Dec. 2011 and then won an appeal on a technicality in February 2012.

He even took to Twitter with one fan, staking one year’s full salary on Braun’s innocence. Here is the exchange:

We’re wondering if Rodgers will decide to fork over the $4.5 million he made last year, or duck this egg-on-face moment on a technicality.

And on February 23, 2012, the day the suspension was lifted, the Packers quarterback gloated through a series of tweets.

The only #shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh since Monday has been the silence from the Green Bay quarterback's Twitter account.

Your move, Mr. Rodgers. The Twitterverse is waiting.

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