Offseason report: NFC East

Dallas Cowboys

WORSE: The biggest news of the Cowboys’ offseason was their decision to double down on quarterback Tony Romo and his one playoff win. It’s a decision, even with the $108 million price tag, that looks better once you consider the alternatives — Mark Sanchez, Vince Young, et al.

What they did not get him or coach Jason Garrett, who got an offseason win-or-else edict, was help. Their help was trading down to reach up for center Travis Frederick.

NY Giants

BETTER: They are probably heartbroken in New York over losing Martellus Bennett to the Bears. And by heartbroken, I mean giddy.

Their biggest offseason play was raiding the Eagles for a pair of defensive tackles, Cullen Jenkins and Mike Patterson, in hopes of bolstering what was a pretty awful run defense a year ago.

The most interesting part of the draft was taking quarterback Ryan Nassib in the fourth round. Always good to have insurance.

Philadelphia Eagles

BETTER: However you feel about coach Andy Reid, it was time for him to go. He had probably stopped listening to himself.

In his place came Oregon wunderkind Chip Kelly, the most-sought-after free agent of the offseason. It is the best addition anybody made. His offense will be exciting, and he has no loyalty to anybody, notably Mike Vick. The first sign of trouble could bring change. This is why they got a free-falling USC QB Matt Barkley in the fourth round. Kelly knows him, and he provides a life raft if Vick falters.

The Eagles also helped themselves by bailing on cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha, one of the biggest parts of the failed dream teams.

Washington Redskins

TBD: Their offseason rides on the success and speed of quarterback Robert Griffin III’s knee rehab. In probably the single dumbest thing I have seen in forever, the Redskins had him playing on that FedEx Field surface (another offseason casualty) on a bad knee. It tore. Now they wait. Nothing else matters, not signing QB Rex Grossman nor anybody they drafted. That knee is their offseason.