Rex Ryan can sure climb a fence

What does Rex Ryan running from a pack of bulls look like?

Well, we can’t give you that, but we can give you something that may be even better — Rex Ryan climbing a fence to get away from said bulls.

The New York Jets coach jaunted over to Spain in recent days to join in the annual Running of the Bulls festivities, and he and his fellow white-garbed, red-scarfed buddies had to do all they could to get away from the creatures that make even football players (and their girthy coaches) slim in comparison.

In the video, Ryan is clearly well ahead of the charging bull that has everyone scampering, which is good, because it takes him a couple of heave-hos to get over a wooden fence lining the road.

Check out Ryan’s excellent climbing techniques in the video from Deadspin below.

(h/t Video originally seen on Deadspin)