Cromartie: Bush ‘unprofessional’

Next up in a week filled with trash talk: Antonio Cromartie.

The New York Jets cornerback says Friday that comments by the
Miami Dolphins’ Reggie Bush about it being karma that Darrelle
Revis is out for the season were ”unprofessional” and don’t show
”any kind of sportsmanship at all.”

Cromartie nearly let out an obscenity when he was first asked
about Bush’s comments before catching himself and adding: ”I’m not
going to say what I really want to say about Reggie Bush.”

It started in Week 3 before the teams’ first meeting when coach
Rex Ryan said the Jets needed to put ”hot sauce” on Bush, who
hurt his knee in the game. Bush took offense to the comments, but
Ryan said he simply meant paying a lot of attention to the star
running back.

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