Giants, Umenyiora face contract battle

The ongoing contract dispute between Osi Umenyiora and the
Giants is not going away and the situation, which is usually tense
but manageable, may get more tense and less manageable in the days
to come.

Umenyiora did not take kindly to general manager Jerry Reese
saying Saturday that, “Osi has been offered an extension two years
in a row now,” implying the Giants are interested in a long-term
commitment to their disgruntled defensive end and that Umenyiora’s
demands are simply too high.

“Yes, they offered an extension this year,” Umenyiora wrote in
an email to the New York Post.

“Guaranteeing half of what [Mathias Kiwanuka] was guaranteed. So
him telling you guys they offered an extension is technically the
truth. And I’m very greedy for turning down half of what Kiwi just
got. Lol.”

Kiwanuka recently signed a three-year extension worth $21.75
million, with $10.95 million in guaranteed money. If Umenyiora is
correct that the Giants’ offer to him was for about $5 million in
guaranteed money it is not close to what he is looking for.

Umenyiora believes market value for a pass rusher of his
pedigree is about $10 million per year, but the Giants have not
come close to agreeing that is what he’s worth.

Umenyiora is entering the final year of a seven-year deal worth
$41.5 million. His salary for the 2012 season is just under $4
million. He’d rather be traded than play out his contract and it
sounds as if he is willing to take more drastic steps to part ways
with the Giants.

“I really haven’t made any definite plans yet,” Umenyiora wrote
in the email. “I’m quite sure things will only get more