Ill-timed Hernandez joke by Williams?

Mario Williams keeps getting in the news for all the wrong


The Buffalo Bills defensive lineman is embroiled in a dispute

with an ex-fiancee. He gave her a $795,000 engagement ring and now

wants it back because the marriage is off.

And now, something else that seems to be off is Williams’ timing

and sense of humor.

On Instagram, he posted a photo of his version of “Grand Theft

Auto: New England” that took a clear shot at Aaron Hernandez, who

was released by the Patriots after he was arrested in a murder


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No matter what happens to Hernandez in court, this should

provide for some interesting on-field moments when the Bills and

Patriots face each other to open their seasons on Sept. 8.

Don’t be surprised if some of Hernandez’s teammates take

exception to Williams’ artwork.