Bears fan trolls Cavallari on Twitter

It ain’t easy being an NFL wife. Just ask Kristin Cavallari.

One minute you’re all ready to cheer your hubby, Bears QB Jay
Cutler, in the big game …

And the next minute, your hubby is being
helped off the field with an injury.

Then, fans start calling you out on Twitter.





Then the news gets worse:
out at least a month
. At least the haters gave way to



Cavallari and Cutler are vets when it comes to this stuff.
used to defending him
defended her

Not easy being an NFL wife. They just assume your hubby’s the
one hitting the gym and the playing field, and your mind is on
girly-girl stuff. So unfair.



OK maybe not.

Anyway, have a Happy Halloween, you two. Something tells us you
won’t stay home baking.