Impact Player: Joseph Fauria

The NFL continued to pump out countless amazing performances in
Week 6.

Whether it was Tamba Hali’s 3.5 sacks for a Chiefs defense
that totaled 10 sacks on an athletic and highly mobile Terelle
Pryor, or rookie sensation linebacker Keko Alonzo and his 22
tackles for the Bills in their overtime loss to the Bengals, it is
never easy selecting an Impact Player of the Week.

I am going with another rookie on the other side of the ball who
is making a name for himself, not only because of his play on the
field ,but also because of his outrageous dances in the end zone
after he scores touchdowns.

Joseph Fauria has seven receptions for 66 yards on the season.
You might ask what is so impressive? Five have gone for

On Sunday, Faurira was 3 for 3, pulling in the hat trick, with
each reception resulting in a touchdown.

One of the most impressive details about Fauria is that he is
young and hungry.

The former UCLA Bruin went undrafted. I was also a Bruin and a
former rookie free-agent myself. I know the grind that it takes to
be successful when you have to work your way up from the

A huge disadvantage for UCLA athletes trying to make it in the
NFL is that we miss a good chunk of the off-season training
program. Per NFL rules rookies can’t join their respective
teams until classroom instruction ends or you graduate from school,
whichever happens first.

When you miss four to five weeks of a 10-week offseason program,
it puts you behind the ball from the first day of your pro career.
If you are a high draft pick. you do have some security but players
selected from the fourth round and later typically will not have
any luxury.

Veteran linebacker Rocky McIntosh said this about his teammate:
“Dude is awesome you can def tell he is from Cali. From his
jokes to his dances he keeps things live and fun!! As far as his
ability dude is a mismatch for anybody in the red zone. Who are you
going to double CJ (Calvin Johnson) on the outside, Fauria on a LB
or DB, or Reggie Bush coming through the line on a option in

Not only has Fauria caught the attention of his teammates and
coaches his prowess as a R&B dancer caught the attention of
Jimmy Fallon and N Sync. Fallon donated 50k to a charity of
Fauria’s choice after performing the Bye Bye Bye N Sync dance
after a Week 3 TD against Washington.

This prompted Joey Fatone from N Sync to converse with Fauria on

Joseph Fauria is the nephew of former NFLer and two-time world
champ with the New England Patriots (’04,’05) Christian Fauria. For
now, Fauria is the second-best tight end in the family. He might
move up off this blistering pace. Christian’s best season
resulted in seven TD receptions; Joseph is on a pace for 13 scores.