Colts fan’s dying wish: tickets to game

A terminally ill Indianapolis Colts fan will get a final wish
Sunday when he attends the team’s game against the Jacksonville

Seventy-four-year-old Danny Webber is battling prostate cancer
that has spread to his lungs and spleen. He will attend the game
through a program started by Heritage House, the Greensburg, Ind.,
senior community where he lives.

Activity director Myranda Hartwell told The Indianapolis Star
that Webber’s wish is one of the first granted through the Heritage
House Dreams program.

Webber says he’s been a Colts fan since the 1950s. He’s promised
to paint his face blue and white and hoping to get Colts rookie
quarterback Andrew Luck’s autograph.

He has one other wish for his first visit to Lucas Oil Stadium:
a Colts victory.