Watt ‘lobbying’ to play on offense

J.J. Watt isn’t satisfied being one of the most dominant players on defense.

The Texans star defensive end is making his pitch to play a little offense.

“I’ve been lobbying since Day 1,” Watt told the Houston Chronicle. “It hasn’t worked yet, so I don’t think it’s going to work anytime soon. But it’s (coach Gary Kubiak’s) team.”

So what was Kubiak’s reaction to this twist?

“We might let him in there at some point,” Kubiak said. “But it’s not going to be anytime soon.”

The idea might not be so far-fetched. Watt, the 2012 AP Defensive Player of the Year, initially played tight end at Central Michigan. His legendary athleticism and size (6-5, 289 pounds) might also make him a viable pass-catching option in goal-line situations.

“It’s just about being an athlete," Watt told the Houston Chronicle. "Catching balls is fun. Just doing whatever you can to be an athlete, working on hand-eye coordination and the little things. It never hurts to be able to catch a football.”