Henry Aaron tweets Sherman: ‘You have my support’

Henry Aaron tweets Richard Sherman, says 'Hang in there' and' you have my support' after rant on Erin Andrews aimed at Michael Crabtree on FOX

As Richard Sherman's postgame interview with FOX Sports' Erin Andrews continues to reverberate through the sports — and mainstream — world days after the fact, the opinions on the brash Seahawk have ranged from classless to calculated, from a jerk rubbing it in to an athlete enhancing his brand on football's biggest stage.

But it's a safe bet just about everyone would agree on one thing Sherman is not: Humble.

Then this happened.

Yup, that's former MLB home run king and personification of class Henry Aaron.

And this was Sherman's reply.

In the sports world, a tweet from Hammerin' Hank is a Hall of Fame-caliber honor. But even in the Socialsphere, how unique is a tweet from The King?

• He has posted only eight tweets — ever

• The last tweet Aaron sent prior to his tweet to Sherman was a retweet of this:

In case you forgot (or can't get enough of it), here is the rant. Enjoy.



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