Helmet-wearing hermit crab 'Marshawn Pinch' cheers on Lynch, Seahawks

Seattle is already known for its fervent football fans, but now one supporter that calls the local aquarium home is receiving some special attention.

Seattle fans are crazy about their Seahawks, no matter big or small, human or crustacean.

They're showing their support with the Seahawks just one win away from a Super Bowl berth, including the biggest little fan in the city.

Marshawn Pinch, named after Seahawks bulldozing running back Marshawn Lynch, is a tiny hermit crab at the Seattle Aquarium who has ditched his shell in favor of a toy-sized Seahawks helmet.

The crab was introduced to a national audience during the third quarter of Seattle's divisional playoff game against the New Orleans Saints last Sunday. The Seahawks won that game 23-15, moving on to the NFC Championship Game this weekend, and fans are hoping Pinch will be their good luck charm against the NFC West rival San Francisco 49ers as well.

Check out Pinch in the photo below.

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