Entrepeneurs cash in on bag ban

As you’ve probably heard, the NFL has implemented new
safety guidelines this season that ban fans from bringing bags
larger than a hand inside unless those bags are clear.

That means no purses, no backpacks and no fanny packs, and as
you might expect, the rule has faced some criticism:

All of that said, rules are still rules, and no amount of snide
jabs at the NFL will change the fact that bags can’t come in.
Fortunately, there are some innovative people out there, and a
couple of them — Saints fans Beth Saacks and Rachael
Couvillion — have turned the bag ban into a money-making

According to CNBC, Saacks, a dentist and
25-year NFL season ticket holder, and Couvillion, a mortgage
appraiser, teamed up to create “Aunt Fleaux’s Gameday
Packs,” hand-sized purses that fans can bring into games.
They are so named because they give women a discrete place to keep
feminine products, among their other items.

The women created a
Facebook page and a
and started selling the 1,000 initial bags they
ordered, with prices ranging from $9.99 to $14.99:

“We sold several hundred in our first week,” Saacks told CNBC.
“We likely would have sold more if women could understand that an
approved purse does not have to be clear.”

According to CNBC, Saacks and Couvillion are hoping to expand
their business to include 31 of the NFL’s 32 teams —
Falcons fans will have to find another alternative.

“We are fully prepared to market them to the whole NFL, except
our enemies, the Atlanta Falcons,” Saacks said, “as I
promised my teenage son I would not.”