Images released of Lozada’s injuries

Chad Johnson’s release from a Florida jail Monday was
supposed to be the final act of a saga that dates to August, when
the former Chad Ochocinco
was arrested at his home for headbutting his
wife, Evelyn Lozada, during an argument.

On Tuesday, however, TMZ released several photos of Lozada
following the incident, which
led to the couple’s divorce in September,
after just 41 days of marriage.

The images (below) show a large gash on Lozada’s forehead
and have stirred up discussion about just how violent the
confrontation was.

In May, Johnson was
arrested after violating his probation and was
sentenced to 30 days in jail after
smacking his lawyer on the backside during a
court appearance. The sentence was later cut short after
one rough week in the slammer and Johnson
was released on Monday, with his probation
extended to October.

Johnson, a six-time Pro Bowl wide receiver with the Cincinnati
Bengals, has not appeared in an NFL game since Super Bowl XLVI,
when he caught one pass for 21 yards for the New England