The Daily Buzz: Tuesday, July 2

It’s early July and there’s only one major sport
active, but that doesn’t mean there’s not plenty of
sports news to go around.

There have been no answers on the Dwight Howard front yet, with
regard to NBA free agency, but we’re
tracking his every move — the latest
update being that Howard will be meeting Tuesday with the Mavericks
and Lakers. Elsewhere in the NBA, Chris Paul and the Clippers
agreed to a new five-year deal, Mike Dunleavy,
hopped on board with the Bulls and Andray
will stay with the Nets.

In Aaron Hernandez news,
Whitlock writes
that a case like Hernandez’s was only a
matter of time,
are paying a fortune
for Hernandez jerseys online and
owner and GM Mike Brown explained
why he stayed away from
Hernandez in the draft. (And for those who are more concerned with
actual football, the NFL
released the dates for training camps around
the league.)

That’s not all, though. Here’s some more of what you
may have missed:

• Some fans
plead for the release of Hernandez.

• And now there’s yet another
report of past trouble for Hernandez —
this time from his days at the University of Florida.

• On his new record, Jay-Z
raps about the NFLPA.

• Charlie Weis shows off Kansas’ new uniform-helmet

• FAU also has new football duds:

• On a more positive note, Patriots running back Leon
Washington is
trying to mentor children.

• Drew Pearson
weighs in on Josh Brent: time to cut the

• Butler’s mascot trains for the Bulldogs’
move to the Big East:

Jay Cutler honeymoon photos have hit the

• A former MTV VJ says Michael Jordan wanted to
play dice for her virginity.

• Dude Perfect NFL kicking edition:

• Xavier athletic director Greg Christopher
knows the price of concussions.

• Former Chiefs quarterback Brady Quinn
looks back on his time in Kansas City.

• Tyreke Evans
gets a huge offer sheet from New Orleans.

• Which earned this reaction from Reggie Miller:

• Of course, Reggie is just kidding. He already pondered a
comeback once before and
decided to pass.

• And, speaking of the Pelicans, here is what their new
court will look like:

• Former Vanderbilt football coach Woody Widenhofer was
working in a Florida toll booth.

• Kentucky sent one recruit 182 letters —
in one day!

• The Los Angeles Dodgers are reportedly
close to acquiring Carlos Marmol, an idea that
the L.A. Kings’ mascot doesn’t love:

• Shabazz Muhammad picked No. 0 because “nobody wears zero
in the league.” One problem:
that’s not quite true.

• A college basketball signee was
arrested on a robbery charge in Athens,

• Here are some shirtless Nebraska offensive linemen:

• The
Diamondbacks paid tribute to the 19 fallen
firefighters in Yarnell, Ariz.

• A BBC reporter was
asked to pipe down at Wimbledon.

• Donté Stallworth, who
argued with Twitter followers after DOMA was
struck down, offers these parting thoughts: