Dick LeBeau enters Hall of Fame

Former Detroit Lions standout cornerback Dick Lebeau has been
inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

LeBeau finished his 14-year career in 1972 with 62
interceptions, still eighth in NFL history. He led the league in
picks in 1970 with nine.

Elected by the senior committee after a 32-year wait, LeBeau
joins Dick ”Night Train” Lane and Yale Lary, who played in the
same secondary, in the hall.

The 73-year-old LeBeau, the oldest coordinator in the league,
admits he’s best known as an assistant coach, the mastermind of the
zone blitz. His Pittsburgh Steelers won Super Bowls in 2006 and

The Steelers bused in from training camp to watch his induction
Saturday. LeBeau singled out their presence at Fawcett Stadium as
”just about the highest compliment ever paid to me in my