Lions rookie lacks sense of history?

Detroit Lions rookie cornerback Darius Slay may need to brush up on his NFL trivia. As in, the most basic of league knowledge.

Green Bay’s Lambeau Field is arguably the league’s most famous stadium. Housing the Packers, one of the league’s all-time greatest franchises, the pigskin cathedral has been standing since 1957. That’s a solid 34 years before Slay was born, so maybe (?) that could be used an excuse for the fact that he really has no knowledge about the stadium.

He thought he did, but that was very misguided. The Monday Morning Quarterback website reports that Slay thought Lambeau Field was actually called “Lambo Field.” The word “Lambo” is slang for the expensive sports car brand Lamborghini. The football field in Green Bay, Wisc., is not named after an Italian sports car.

“Lambo? Like the car?” Slay asked when talking with teammates, according to “I knew what a Lambo was, but I didn’t know it was Green Bay’s stadium. They said, ‘Man, that’s the stadium!’ I said, ‘Oh man . . .’ ”

However, Lions defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham isn’t too worried about Slay’s ignorance. He more than makes up for it with his actual on-field football acumen.

“If you talk to him about football, he was really well-coached,” Cunningham told the website. “This kid knew the game coming in. I kept quizzing him. He knew things that a lot of coaches don’t know.”

Slay won’t have to wait long to get his first taste of Lambeau. The Lions are in Green Bay for an NFC North throwdown during Week 5 on Oct. 6.