Did Raiola taunt Wisconsin band?

Dominic Raiola is doing his best to live up to every jock
stereotype ever written into a TV show or movie according to one
blog, which reports that the Detroit Lions center berated members
of the Wisconsin band Sunday at Lambeau Field.

On his NFL scouting blog,
Tom Melton writes that Raiola told a group of
Wisconsin tuba players that they “sucked” and called them vulgar
names as they prepared to play the national anthem before the
Packers’ 22-9 win over the Lions.

“[A] band member told me Raiola was yelling at him, saying such
things such as ‘Hey fat guy, you want a hot dog?'” writes

“When this band member did not acknowledge him, he continued to
yell at other band members within earshot of him until the band
began to play. A third band member told me Raiola was calling a
band member near him a ‘fat f–k’ prior to their pregame
performance as well.”

Melton also shared this Facebook status written by a Wisconsin
band member, which describes more of Raiola’s alleged verbal

As of yet, there has been no confirmation or denial from Raiola
regarding his comments, but if true — and Melton reports that
Raiola’s teammate Louis Delmas apologized to the band over the
incident — the former Nebraska standout sure comes out
looking like quite the bully.

The Lions acted swiftly and released the following

“We are aware of the reports involving Dominic Raiola and
the University of Wisconsin Marching Band.

“Those reports are extremely inconsistent with the
standard of behavior we expect from our players and from every
member of our organization.

“We currently are gathering more information aughnd will
respond further when appropriate.”