David Wilson flips out after scoring TD

David Wilson has been known to celebrate his touchdowns
with backflips, but given the New York
Giants’ dumpster fire of a season so far, he must have
figured the team needed some extra motivation.

So after Wilson put the Giants up 7-0 with his first touchdown
of the season Sunday against the Eagles, he commemorated the
occasion with not one, but two backflips in the Giants’ end

Of course, Wilson’s foray into acrobatics didn’t end
up helping all that much in the end. Philadelphia scored 19
unanswered points before the half and ended up winning 36-21. And
because there was plenty of bad luck to go around, Wilson also
left the game after suffering a neck

But hey, at least he’s trying. And if nothing else,
we’ll always have this awesome GIF of Wilson’s
backflips on loop to remember him by: