Dockett happy being butt of jokes

On a day that
racial tension and rumors of
a supposed bounty swamped the football Twitter
world, Darnell Dockett of the Arizona Cardinals came to the rescue
and slipped in his own version of comedic therapy to his

The defensive end is infamous for his outspoken Tweets —
some of which have gotten him in trouble in the
— and today was no different.

Here is Dockett’s message for all the “Mrs. Officers” out

Not so fast. He wasn’t finished.

Dockett also seems to have an infatuation with diminutive women
shaking their rumps. No harm in that Darnell! Let them know how you
feel — and way to not discriminate based on size.



Oh, what a guy.

Dockett’s list of favorite pastimes ranges from the expected
(see the above Tweets) to, well, unexpected. He’s recently
been under investigation by animal activists for his new pet cat,
Buddy. The problem? Buddy isn’t so much a cat, but more like a
tiger. FOX Sports
recently got the scoop on the cub.

You gotta love Dockett. Or wonder if he’ll get help.