The Daily Buzz: Tuesday, June 25

Have you caught your breath yet after
Monday night’s stunning conclusion of the
Stanley Cup Final?

Good, because neither has this woman:

In a matter of 17 seconds, the
Chicago Blackhawks took advantage of one of
most shocking collapses in sports history and
became champions for the second time in four seasons.

We don’t blame you for getting caught up in the NHL hysteria, so
here’s some of what you may have missed while you were
celebrating Monday’s win on the streets of

• A
fight broke out at a LeSean McCoy charity
softball game.

• Knicks super-fan Spike Lee
partied with the Heat after Game 7 in Miami
last week.

• Texas A&M-Alabama is
already a tough ticket.

• Watch your head, LeBron:

plays some golf.

• Eric Decker
weds country singer Jessie James.

• Seems Derek Holland got kicked out of a Counting Crows
concert on Monday:

• Roller derby is
on a roll.

• Fans can
help Nerlens Noel pick a draft-night suit.

• Adrian Peterson’s rehab secret? Wii, of course:

• Bernard Hopkins to RG3:
Run from Donovan McNabb.

• Michigan quarterback Devin Gardner: “We
will beat Ohio State.”

• Cat on field delays minor league baseball game.

• Two college baseball players
hurt in car crash.

• A 2014 cornerback recruit says Ole Miss hosts monthly
KKK rallies:

• Nick Van Exel
happy to be back in Milwaukee.

• You can
buy Bernie Williams’ house.

• Andrew Shaw
dropped an F-bomb on live TV after Game 1,
then did it again after Game 6:

• Another journalist is
judging a professional athlete for his

• Browns hire former Raiders
director of media relations.

• This is one way to honor your favorite NFL team:

• The Royals have
an interesting closer.

How will John Tortorella fare in

• Alex Rodriguez is on Twitter.
Go say

• Calgary Flames mascot Harvey the Hound was, sadly, lost
in the floods at the Saddledome:

Drew Brees and Tom Brady teamed up for a
column in the San Francisco Chronicle.

• Tank Johnson
tells NFL rookies they do not need guns.

• What’s a
Corky Miller quiz?

• D-Wade’s son has game like his dad: