Cam Newton nearly runs over reporter

After four games of looking like a shell of his former self, Cam Newton broke out against the Vikings’ defense, throwing three touchdown passes and running in for a fourth score in a 35-10 win in Minnesota.

Well, all of that excitement nearly led to an accident on the sideline as he was trotting off the field in celebration and nearly ran over FOX NFL Sunday sideline reporter Laura Okmin.

The Panthers’ third-year quarterback, fortunately, caught Okmin before she hit the turf.

It hasn’t been a good season for our sideline reporters, and this isn’t the first incident Okmin has dodged. Bears cornerback Charles Tillman saved Okmin from a moving sideline camera in Week 2:

Also, Pam Oliver sustained a concussion after getting hit in the head by a football and also was almost run over by the Ohio State marching band in a pre-game report.

And the string of bad luck started with one of our reporters, Amy Campbell, getting absolutely leveled on the sideline back in July by a high school player hauling in a touchdown catch.