Actually, Wes Welker has been too late to stop several catastrophes

Sunday's botched punt against the Patriots wasn't the first time the little receiver has been a tad behind schedule. See for yourself.

Wes Welker really needs to step up his game.

Stew Milne / USA TODAY Sports

Give him credit.

Broncos receiver Wes Welker did a standup thing after Sunday's disastrous loss to the Patriots: He took responsibility for failing to waive off his teammates during a botched overtime punt return that set New England up for the game-winning field goal.

Kudos to you, sir. However, don't think you're off the hook just yet. This mistake wasn't just some isolated incident. Mr. Welker, we've had to deal with your flubs for years.

We've gone back through the years and have done a painstaking job of documenting your many tardies.

The results aren't pretty, to say the least. Let's review the most egregious offenses.

Where were you when the Chargers drafted legendary bust Ryan Leaf, huh?

That's right, you were tardy. And look what happened.

Shame on you.

Let's fast forward a bit. Kim Kardashian is a new mother and is engaged to a lovely and stable man in Kanye West. But she had to pick up the pieces of her life when YOU couldn't get there on time to stop THIS:

Just 72 days of wedded bliss later, it all came crashing down. Thank God that she at least learned some valuable life lessons, but was it worth the pain? You tell us, Wes.

But I've saved the worst for last. I think we all remember that fateful night back in 1912:

What were you doing? Too busy throwing one back with Caledon Hockley? Playing shuffleboard with the Unsinkable Molly Brown? Look what you did!

Young love ... just destroyed. Look, Wes, everyone makes mistakes. But get your act together please, we can't afford to keep suffering through all these emotional maelstroms.

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