The Daily Buzz: Thursday, June 27

When it comes to Aaron Hernandez,




But there’s more going on in the world of sports than the
arrest of the former New England Patriots tight end.

For starters, there’s an NBA Draft happening Thursday
night, and no one is sure just yet who will go No. 1. (But
have a good guess
.) It’s also being reported that
Howard won’t be back
with the Lakers next season.

On the diamond, the Philadelphia Phillies
some decisions to make
with regard to their veteran stars,
Brian Cashman
for telling A-Rod
to STFU, and elsewhere in Yankeeland, Mark
miss the rest of the season

As for everything else, here’s some more of what you may
have missed:

• Alex Len: From the Ukraine to
No. 1 in the NBA Draft? Could be.

• A minor league team is
giving away a funeral.

• Gilbert Arenas reportedly busted with
100 pounds of illegal fireworks.

• Denard Robinson’s official position with the Jaguars?
Offensive Weapon.

• While the Chicago Blackhawks
the Stanley Cup bar-hopping
, 6-foot-9 Boston Bruins defenseman
Zdeno Chara rode a children’s ride at an amusement park:

• We also learned that Chara’s Bruins teammate Patrice
Bergeron played Game 6
with a hole in his lung.

• The Seattle Mariners will be
flying a gay pride flag at Sunday’s game.

• Move over, Yasiel Puig. MLB teams
are lining up to watch the next big Cuban

• Aaron Hernandez’s arrest
brings sadness to his hometown of Bristol,

• Vanderbilt assistant football coach Herb Hand is a
finalist for Chopped:

• South Carolina quarterback Connor Shaw
tested his healing foot by skydiving.

• Vince Carter
is still an inspiration to young Canadian
hoops stars.

• Local businesses
are pitching in after a youth league had
$13,000 in equipment stolen.

• Rollerblader celebrates winning race,
then loses race:

• The future of sports betting in New Jersey
is a big battle.

• Ultimate frisbee
keeps getting bigger.

• As the A-Rod drama grows, is
retirement becoming an option?

• Oops, wrong Aaron:

• Jimmer Fredette returns home
for basketball camp.

• Don Nelson and his ex-wife, divorced in 1989,
are back in court.

• Cubs GM wants to
emulate Blackhawks’ path to greatness.

• The LA Lakers
are going all out trying to convince Dwight
Howard to stay. Ask the Orlando Magic how that worked out for

• Digger Phelps
keeps fighting the fight against cancer.

• How would you fare
in the lug nut challenge?

• Newspaper columnist
tries MMA on for size.

• Chris Bosh discussed photobombing with Conan

• Are the Avs
truly settled on Nathan MacKinnon as the No. 1
pick in the NHL draft?

• Take an inside look
at the Green Monster.

• Teenage hockey player
charged for on-ice assault.

• CFL’s Calgary Stampeders
are doing their part to help flood victims in
the area.

• An unknown Florida high schooler may have thrown down
the poster dunk of the year: