VIRTUAL COACH: Questions and answers from Eagles-Bears game

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Throughout the Eagles-Bears divisional playoff game, FOX Sports and brought you "VIRTUAL COACH," an interactive opportunity for football fans to play along with NFL on FOX analysts. Here is a summary of the poll questions and what actually happened: The Setup: On a second quarter play, Jim Miller tosses an interception to Damon Moore. Adding injury to insult, Eagles defensive end Hugh Douglas pile-drived Miller into the cold Soldier Field turf. Miller went into the Bears locker room, and it was reported he separated his right shoulder. Shane Matthews — who was the NFC's offensive player of the week when the Bears beat the 49ers early in the season — came in to replace Miller on the Bears' next possession.
Can the Bears win without Jim Miller?
Yes No
55 45
The Poll Question: Can the Bears win without Jim Miller? You said: The majority of you (55 percent) had faith in da Bears, saying that the Bears could pull off a win with Matthews. What Happened Next: Miller came jogging out of the Soldier Field tunnel to a triumphant cheer from the Bears faithful. Matthews, however, remained in the game on the Bears' second possession since Miller's injury. Miller did not return, and the Bears lost. Bears players, coaches and fans alike will have to swallow a bitter defeat on their home field.
The Setup: All game long, Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb has had plenty of time to stand in the pocket, and when it collapses, McNabb scrambles out and is able to make a throw downfield. The Bears defense seems to be playing on its heels, and the Bears' offense was seriously out-gained by the Eagles' offense. In the fourth quarter, armchair quarterbacks everywhere were wondering, "Why not send the house at Donovan McNabb?"
Should the Bears defense:
blitz more, blitz less, no change?
Blitz more Less No change
72 13 14
The Poll Question: Should the Bears defense: blitz more, blitz less, no change? You said: A whopping 72 percent of you said "Blitz more." What Happened Next: When the Bears blitz, McNabb seemed able to find an open receiver somewhere. McNabb is too fast to just throw one blitzer at him. McNabb's ability to elude the defenders baffled to the Bears.
The Setup: Turnovers are costly. Especially when they happen in tight games in the fourth quarter. Autry Denson's fumble on a kickoff return resulted in another Eagles field goal. The field goal gave the Eagles a 26-17 lead mid-way through the fourth quarter. More conservative offensive play-calling had the Bears faithful at Soldier Field booing the home team.
Can the Bears come back in this game?
Yes No
41 59
The Poll Question: Can the Bears come back in this game? You said: The majority of you believed the Eagles would come out of this one victorious. What Happened Next: It's hard to argue with the voters. The Bears continued that conservative offensive attack. It didn't work. On the next drive, the Bears went three and out and Brad Maynard's shanked punt — his second shank of the day — drew the ire of the Soldier Field crowd.
The Setup: Donovan McNabb's 5-yard scramble for a touchdown iced the game and the Eagles advanced to the NFC title game for the first time since 1981. Now, can the Eagles knock off the winner of the Packers-Rams game Sunday? If the Packers win, the Eagles will host the Pack at the Vet. If the Rams triumph, the Eagles will have to take on the "Greatest Show on Earth" in the Dome at America's Center.
Can the Eagles go all the way?
Yes No
47 53
The Poll Question: Can the Eagles go all the way? You said: Hey, don't you have any faith in the Eagles? Fifty-three percent of you voted "No." Chances are the majority of you are anticipating a Rams victory. Many football prognosticators are. Perhaps the Packers will have something to say about that. What Happened Next: Hey, you'll have to watch FOX Sunday at 4 p.m. ET when the .
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