Super Bowl commercials: Fourth quarter

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Riveted by the Steelers' thrilling comeback? Heartbroken by the Cardinals' late lead slipping away? Then we won't begrudge you missing a few of the Super Bowl commercials. In fact, we'll help you out. Go back and watch any commercial you missed, as we list the 10 best ads, 10 worst ads, and provide you with a quarter-by-quarter breakdown of all the commercials. Don't forget to vote!

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Heineken: Vanguard

JC: Apparently, Heineken wants us to believe that their beer is for smart people who do cool things like go to jazz clubs. I guess. I think I've seen too many beer ads so far this game to make me think this was anything more than an average beer commercial. Besides, if I want to be a pretentious beer drinker, I'll order a microbrew on tap.

Coke Zero: Polamalu

JC: One of the best Super Bowl ads ever was Mean Joe Greene having a soft spot for a nice kid and a Coke. The only company that could effectively parody that ad is Coke — and they did a pretty good job with this one. Troy Polamalu was cool in the Joe Greene role and watching him tackle a bunch of suits was a nice touch. Of course, I'm not sure what kid out there would want a button-down shirt instead of a Polamalu jersey.

AT: Ed McMahon and MC Hammer tout the virtues of gold. We hope Ed got paid in bullion for this piece of work. As for Hammer, we didn't realize the has-been vault ran so deep.

GE: Scarecrow

AT: An animated scarecrow channels Ray Bolger from The Wizard of Oz, singing "If I Only Had a Brain." OK, if you know who Ray Bolger was and recognized the song, isn't it way past your bedtime?

Taco Bell: Smooth Moves

JC: I think Taco Bell was trying to tell us about the quick and filling meals they'll be offering now. In the end, it just made us feel creepy and want to look up the local laws for getting a restraining order. Just like Taco Bell, the ad was sort of tasty at first but made you regret it when it was done.

Hulu: Alec Baldwin

JM: Alec Baldwin, bearing a strong resemblance to his character on 30 Rock, is the celebrity pitchman here, extoling the virtues of a product that delivers streaming TV shows into your home. The catch: He's an alien, and this is an evil plot to turn your brains into mush. I've been warning my daughters about this for years.

Pepsi: MacGruber

JC: At first, we thought "Why is NBC running a MacGruber sketch from Saturday Night Live during the Super Bowl?" And even though we soon realized it was an ad for Pepsi and we knew how it was going to end, we still liked it. Plus, how could a cameo from Richard Dean Anderson in a MacGyver spoof not make you smile?

Bud Light Lime: Summer state of mind

JC: I don't know what to say about the Bud Light Lime ad. It was just so ... blah. Look, it's beer in a bottle but it's more than that too! It makes things more sunny and summery! As if we've never seen that before. To us, Bud Light Lime just seems to be a ripoff of Corona and, apparently, so are their ads. Enhanced

AT: Uh, somebody says she never "enhanced" and Danica Patrick says she did. Then, uh, oh, who cares what we think? Just watch the video. The picture doesn't even tell half the story.

Commercials: 10 best | 10 worst | First quarter | Second | Third | Fourth editors Zack Faigen, Jim McCurdie, Jenny Cohen, Al Tays and Zack Pierce provided running commentary on the $3 million-per-30-second commercials.

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