Super Bowl commercials: 10 best

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Riveted by the Steelers' thrilling comeback? Heartbroken by the Cardinals' late lead slipping away? Then we won't begrudge you missing a few of the Super Bowl commercials. In fact, we'll help you out. Go back and watch any commercial you missed, as we list the 10 best ads, 10 worst ads, and provide you with a quarter-by-quarter breakdown of all the commercials. Don't forget to vote!

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Bud Light: Office Meeting

Jenny Cohen: Kudos need to go to Budweiser for getting quite a few laughs by making fun of the not-so-rosy economic conditions we face right now. Plus, who wouldn't want Bud Light at office meetings? That's especially true for tomorrow when we'll all be rehashing today's game instead of doing actual work. I hope my boss isn't reading this...

Doritos: Office Ball

JC: The awesome Doritos ad breaking into a vending machine was the work of someone who submitted the idea for the ad in an online contest. May we recommend more companies do this instead of spending millions on ad agencies that continually produce Super Bowl Sunday clunkers?

Bridgestone: Potato Heads

JC: You have to admit, Bridgestone definitely knew they were playing to a male-dominated audience with their Potato Head ad. Admit it, men. You all wish that would happen while driving with your wives and girlfriends. Don't hide it, we know.

Budweiser: Clydesdale plays fetch

Al Tays: Is there a more reliable ad franchise than the Budweiser Clydesdales? Here the firehouse Dalmation gets a reward for fetching a stick, so the Clydesdale does him one better with a tree branch. What? No elephant bringing back a whole tree?

E-Trade: Babies

Jim McCurdie: This kid is making a serious run at Family Guy's Stewie Griffin as our favorite baby on TV. We'd adopt him if we could. Short of that, we'll just call this the latest in a series of memorable pieces to this campaign, with our wide-eyed star picking up a partner. Clever banter ensues. Give whoever came up with this concept a raise. Moose

JC: Some days, you're in the corner office with the moose head on your wall. Some days, you find yourself on the wrong side of that office. We love our job here (Hi, boss!), but if we didn't, made us actually pay attention. Once again, it didn't disappoint. Keep up the good work! It's time

JM: Clear some room on your Top 5 list for this one. The momentum builds, starting from the first scream of the unhappy employee pulling into her work parking space, and peaking when a fist makes full contact with the cuddly face of a Koala bear. The message — if you're unhappy in your current job, come to us — is effectively conveyed. And isn't that the idea?

Coke Zero: Polamalu

JC: One of the best Super Bowl ads ever was Mean Joe Greene having a soft spot for a nice kid and a Coke. The only company that could effectively parody that ad is Coke — and they did a pretty good job with this one. Troy Polamalu was cool in the Joe Greene role and watching him tackle a bunch of suits was a nice touch. Of course, I'm not sure what kid out there would want a button-down shirt instead of a Polamalu jersey.

AT: Ed McMahon and MC Hammer tout the virtues of gold. We hope Ed got paid in bullion for this piece of work. As for Hammer, we didn't realize the has-been vault ran so deep.

Hulu: Alec Baldwin

JM: Alec Baldwin, bearing a strong resemblance to his character on 30 Rock, is the celebrity pitchman here, extoling the virtues of a product that delivers streaming TV shows into your home. The catch: He's an alien, and this is an evil plot to turn your brains into mush. I've been warning my daughters about this for years.

Commercials: 10 best | 10 worst | First quarter | Second | Third | Fourth editors Zack Faigen, Jim McCurdie, Jenny Cohen, Al Tays and Zack Pierce provided running commentary on the $3 million-per-30-second commercials.

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