10 worst Super Bowl XLV commercials

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Check out the 10 best Super Bowl commercials

Super Bowl commercials. They can become more memorable and iconic than the game itself. Others fail miserably and end up remembered as million-dollar mistakes. Here's our list of the 10 worst ads from last year's big game. Check out our lists of best and worst, watch the videos, then tell us what you think.



Catch the Super Bowl but miss some of the commercials? Check out all the winners and losers here.

Bud Light — Swashbucklers

Bud Light struck the right chord with a couple, but this one seemed a little forced. The director of a swashbuckling movie explains the presence of Bud Light products in the scene as “product placement,” then the actors watch in horror as it goes overboard. Watch video ...

Coca-Cola — Dragon Fantasy Land

We don’t even want to know what Coca-Cola spent on animation for this over-the-top and off-the-mark fantasy land, in which a fire-breathing dragon consumes the soft drink and watches his breath turn to … well … something other than fire. Watch video ...

GoDaddy — Joan Rivers

GoDaddy has developed a reputation for strange commercials. And this one didn’t disappoint in that regard. The big unveiling of the new GoDaddy girl produces a celebrity not exactly on the same level as Danica Patrick. Watch video ...


  • What was the worst commercial from the Super Bowl?
    • Bud Light -- Swashbucklers
    • Coca-Cola -- Dragon
    • GoDaddy -- Joan Rivers
    • Kia -- Epic Ride
    • Chevy -- Old People Can't Hear
    • Pepsi Max -- Cans to the Groin
    • Lipton Brisk -- Animated Eminem
    • Stella Artois -- Crying Crooner
    • Motorola Xoom -- 1984
    • Skechers -- Sweaty Kardashian

Kia — Epic Ride

A creative attempt from Kia, as its new Optima car is desperately sought by an increasingly bizarre array of characters, from a police officer to Poseidon to Mayan-like humanoids from an alternate dimension. This left most of us scratching our heads. Watch video ...

Chevy — Old People Can’t Hear

A woman desperately tries to explain the advantages of the new Chevy Cruze to a bewildered group of senior citizens that doesn’t quite seem to understand. We’re not sure this is the best way to make your shiny new car hip. Watch video ...

Pepsi Max — Cans to the Groin

Groin shots. Are we really still there after all this time? One of Pepsi’s earlier offerings from the game didn’t exactly resonate with the over-11 crowd. Watch video ...

Lipton Brisk — Animated Eminem

A strange ad all around, with an animated version of the famous rapper walking around town in an advertisement for canned iced tea. Watch video ...

Stella Artois — Crying Crooner

A singing Adrien Brody couldn't win over this audience. The commercial for the popular Belgian beer fell flat with us (and judging from the audience votes, we're not alone). Watch video ...

Motorola Xoom — 1984

In a futuristic dystopia — and a spoof of Apple's famous Super Bowl ad — one man is somehow free of the oppression. And he uses technology to get the attention of the brainwashed girl of his dreams. Not sure whether the message is beware of technology or embrace it. Watch video ...

Skechers — Sweaty Kardashian

Debate raged over whether this should be counted as one of the best or one of the worst, but in the end it just felt like a cheap way to call attention to shoes. We appreciate the effort, Skechers. Watch video ...

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