10 best Super Bowl XLV commercials

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Check out the 10 worst Super Bowl commercials

Super Bowl commercials. They can become more memorable and iconic than the game itself. Others fail miserably and end up remembered as million-dollar mistakes. Here's our list of the 10 best ads from last year's big game. Check out our lists of the best and worst, watch the videos, then tell us what you think.



Catch the Super Bowl but miss some of the commercials? Check out all the winners and losers here.

Volkswagen — Baby Darth Vader

Sometimes channeling a 30-year-old movie is all it takes. A child, dressed head-to-toe in authentic Darth Vader gear, wanders around trying to “use the force” on a number of household items. He finally has success on his dad’s new Volkswagen’s Passat … thanks to a little help. Watch video ...

Pepsi Max — Mind Readers

Pepsi gave us a few solid offerings this year, but our favorite was this one that gave us a unique look inside a typical first date, letting you read the minds of both parties. The guy thinks over and over again, “I wanna sleep with her” only to get an untimely rejection. Watch video ...

Bud Light — Party Dogs

A house-sitting job inside a home with a dozen obedient dogs and an endless supply of Bud Light. Need we say more? The beer giant — always good for a Super Bowl laugh — gave us a few good ones in 2011, but this spot took the cake. Watch video ...

Doritos — Finger Licker


  • What was your favorite commercial from the Super Bowl?
    • Volkswagen -- Baby Darth Vader
    • Pepsi Max -- Mind Readers
    • Bud Light -- Party Dogs
    • Doritos -- Finger Licker
    • Bridgestone -- Reply All
    • -- Chimps
    • Chevy -- Billy Gets Trapped
    • Snickers -- Richard Lewis/Roseanne
    • Bridgestone -- Beaver Props
    • Audi -- Old Luxury Prison

This gem from early in the game caught us all a little off guard. An office worker finishes off a bag of Doritos, then has a colleague ask if he can finish off the “best part.” The worker isn’t sure what the best part is, exactly, until he’s getting his fingers cleaned in a most unpleasant way. Watch video ...

Bridgestone — Reply All

The first of Bridgestone's two entries on this list, the tire company struck gold with this take on a common office problem — hitting "Reply all" when you meant to just hit "Reply." The painful payoff at the end is simple but worth it. Watch video ... — Parking Lot Chimps

If you've ever been late to a meeting, these chimps are probably the reason why. A man gets boxed in the parking lot by a pair of aggressive-driving primates in this hilarious spot. Watch video ...

Chevy — Billy Gets Trapped

Little Billy just can’t seem to stay out of trouble in this solid ad from Chevy. Fortunately, the Silverado is there to bail him out every time … whether he’s trapped in a well or — yes — a volcano. Watch video ...

Snickers — Richard Lewis/Roseanne

Last year’s Betty White ad went over so well that Snickers decided to roll with the same idea. This year, the celebrity cameos come from Richard Lewis and Roseanne. This one goes over the top when Roseanne gets clocked by a giant log. Watch video ...

Bridgestone – Beaver Props

Pretty funny late entry from Bridgestone, in which a driver helps out a beaver and he helps him out in return. Watch video ...

Audi — Old Luxury Prison

Trying to get of "old luxury prison"? Try Audi. They won't lead you astray. Watch video ...

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