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Share This Story editors John Galinsky, Kathy Lyford, Jim McCurdie and Scott Wilson review the Super Bowl ads in real-time (or something approximating real-time). Enjoy!

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Bud Light -- Voice box

When the girl returns from the store with the Bud Light, her guy breaks into a little voice box, and starts calling his buddies to let them know it’s party time. A chorus of voice box singing ensues. This is an installment in the brand’s “Here We Go” theme, but I’m not quite sure where we’re going with it. T-Pain makes a brief cameo here, but he comes off as almost an afterthought. Next. -- JM

To watch this ad, click here. -- Growing up

Forrest Gump-like tale of a guy who can do anything. But he needs help from to buy a car. Not a big fan of the commercials that make you wait all the way to the end to find out what they’re advertising. -- KL

To watch this ad, click here.

Paramount Pictures -- Shutter Island

Paramount started running ads some time ago for “Shutter Island,” yet another teaming of director Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio. So, nothing new here. This film’s release has been pushed back several times. Here’s a hint: It’s now opening in the movie equivalent of no-man’s land -- mid-February. Nuff said. -- KL

To watch this ad, click here. -- Danica gets a massage

If sex sells -- and I think we all know that it does -- offers a happy spot of soft-core porn featuring Danica Patrick getting a rubdown from a hot blonde bimbette. Saving it from the network censors is the fact that as the blonde tears off her shirt at the end, all you get is, “See more at” Many red-blooded American males will do just that. So hey, it’s an effective ad. -- JG


  • Which was the worst Super Bowl commercial?
    • Focus on the Family -- Tebows
    • Doritos -- It's a miracle
    • Denny's -- Free Grand Slam
    • Bridgestone -- The choice
    • Michelob Ultra -- Lance Armstrong
    • Budweiser -- Clydesdale's new friend
    • Honda -- Accord Crosstour
    • Taco Bell -- Barkley fattens up
    • --Too hot for TV
    • E*Trade -- Baby on the plane

To watch this ad, click here.

Budweiser -- The Bridge is out

"The bridge is out. There’s a Budweiser delivery truck on the other side.” Once the messenger delivers that news to a thirsty mob, the townspeople unite to form a human bridge, so the truck can cross and deliver the goods to a grateful bar crowd. I dunno… this one was missing something. Very large horses, maybe? -- JM

To watch this ad, click here.

Dove -- For men

Nice little ditty about the journey from bachelorhood to family man. Apparently soap can help you get there. Somehow I think the message may be lost on the dudes watching the game. -- KL

To watch this ad, click here.

Hyundai -- Brett Favre

OK, Hyundai’s commercials are getting better (with as many as they’re running, the odds are at least ONE had to be good). As much as we’re all getting sick of Brett Favre’s indecision every year, obviously he has a sense of humor about. I thought it was funny when he was saying most of the fans are younger than him, and that was before I noticed it was the 2020 MVP award he was winning. I thought he was talking about the current season. Because he’s already old. -- SW

To watch this ad, click here. -- Casual Friday

This spot superbly draws on everyone’s worst nightmare -- seeing your co-workers naked. (Unless you work at Playboy, that is.) A schlub works in an office where “Casual Fridays” means everyone wears only underwear, mainly tighty whiteys on unfortunate body types. “Expose yourself to something better,” says the ad, meaning you’d be nuts to keep working somewhere where Horace from accounting is this close to revealing his junk at the copy machine. -- JG

To watch this ad, click here.

Dockers -- I wear no pants

This one features a bunch of guys walking around in their underwear chanting “I wear no pants.” A fraternity prank gone awry? No … an attempt to sell more Dockers khakis. The tagline telling guys that “It’s time to wear the pants” works. But there’s not much product on display here. -- JM

To watch this ad, click here.

Bridgestone -- Whale in the car

Three dudes somehow end up with a killer whale in their car as they drive down a pier, which they somehow manage to hurl back into the ocean once they slam on the brakes. “Now that was a bachelor party,” one of them says at the end, which sounds kinda funny until you think about whether it makes any sense. Strippers, yes. Maybe a donkey or a tiger. But a shark? Are most wild bachelor parties held at aquariums? -- JG

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Papa John's -- Delivery

Papa John’s delivers pizzas to the Super Bowl. Nothing clever or special here. But Papa John does look like the Cake Boss. -- KL

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Telaflora -- Talking flower

We all know the type: the woman who thinks she’s all that. Nice to see her put in her place by talking rotten flowers who sound like an ex-Soprano’s actor who’s happy to find work. Well done. -- SW

To watch this ad, click here.

Disney -- Alice in Wonderland

Who can resist the proven combo of Tim Burton, Johnny Depp in pasty makeup and a goofy hat, and slightly creepy stop-motion animation? This one’s a slam-dunk. -- KL

To watch this ad, click here.

TruTV -- Punxatawney Polamalu

Punxsutawney Polamalu. Awesome. So much better than a commercial about his hair. Let’s see PETA complain about THIS one. Unfortunately, there won’t really be six more weeks of football. -- SW

To watch this ad, click here.

Dodge -- Man's last stand

We get close-ups of several men, with voice-overs that stoically vow to do all the things expected of a good man, including putting the seat down and making sure the underwear end up in the laundry basket. Finally ... we hear that all of this gives our male figure the right to drive the car he wants to drive -- a Dodge Charger. It’s kind of a long road to travel to get to the muscle car, and I’m not sure it was time well spent. -- JM

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Check out the ads!

Did you miss any of the Super Bowl commercials? Want to see them again? We've got everything you need right here. Check out photos, video, and our commentary on all the new ads from the big game.

FloTV -- Spineless man

We all know this spineless male. Some of us know him all too well. Yeah, watching TV on a little screen can save some male dignity. But good luck getting your girlfriend to allow that. -- SW

To watch this ad, click here.

Dr. Pepper -- Kiss' love doctor

First, let’s give it up for Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley for keeping Kiss relevant and in face paint some 33 years after Kiss Alive hit the record stores. There’s something a little heroic about that. Think they had the foresight to know Dr. Pepper might come calling about doing a Super Bowl spot when they recorded “Calling Dr. Love?” I wouldn’t put it past these rock and roll entrepreneurs. The little people joining the band on stage for the latest rendition of that tune provided a quirky twist. -- JM

To watch this ad, click here.

Intel -- Robots

Everybody loves robots. Nobody likes to feel like they’re being made obsolete. But you can’t stop progress, people. You can feel bad for the robot if you want. But if you had a robot, you’d want to upgrade to the newest model. Admit it. -- SW

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Bud Light -- Stranded on an island

Passengers from an airplane crash are moping around on a desert island until the beverage cart full of Bud Lights washes up on shore. That’s when the party begins! Maybe the pilot had a few too many before he crashed the plane -- who knows? But the commercial proves that Homer Simpson was right: Beer truly is the cause of -- and solution to -- all of life’s problems. -- JG

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HBO -- The Pacific

Our first glimpse of the long-awaited HBO 10-part World War II mini-series “The Pacific,” from producers Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks. This is the same team the brought you “Band of Brothers.” Expect huge ratings and a slew of awards. -- KL

Universal Studios -- Harry Potter ride

Hey “Harry Potter” fans! While you wait for the next installment in the film franchise, you can enjoy the “Harry Potter” amusement park ride at Universal Studios Orlando. Cue kiddies all over the land begging parents for a family trip to Florida. -- KL

To watch this ad, click here.

FloTV -- My Generation

With The Who’s song “My Generation” as the soundtrack, the one-minute ad serves up a montage of iconic images from the past 50 years, including footage of the Moon landing, Ronald Reagan getting shot, O.J.’s Bronco and so much more. Some of the juxtapositions are a bit jarring, like Saddam Hussein followed immediately by SpongeBob Squarepants. But we suppose that’s the point. Serious world events aren’t the totality of history; there’s also pop culture and sports and lots of silly stuff that captures our imagination. And FloTV let’s you relive it all, we assume. If only they showed us our future, too, they’d really have a product we could use. -- JG

To watch this ad, click here.

Sony Pictures -- The Back-up Plan

Talk about confusing. Is this a horror film? A comedy? This ad may not be the best way to get butts (get it?) in the seats for this Jennifer Lopez-starring romantic comedy. -- KL

To watch this ad, click here.

NFL Network -- Seasons

A little nostalgia. A little sentimentality. A little pomp and circumstance. This one probably left the true football fans out pining for next season already. But it also probably left the I-only-watch-one-game-a-year crowd rolling their eyes. -- KL

To watch this ad, click here.

Commercials: First quarter | Second | Third | Fourth | 10 best | 10 worst
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