SUNDAY FLASHBACK: Gunslinger Favre turns gun-shy

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The day-after remarks were pretty ugly. The word was that quarterback was shying away from being hit by the Minnesota .

"We had some people open, but he wasn't stepping into his throws," said one Green Bay insider. "He put up too many passes falling away from the action. That's not a very good secondary we played, but we didn't make any plays against them."

Favre threw four interceptions. He would have had a fifth, but it was nullified by a Green Bay instant replay challenge. And the whipped the , 30-25, in the opener of the newly remodeled, 72,000-seat Lambeau Field.

But there was worse news. The may face Detroit this Sunday minus starting receivers (neck) and (knee, ankle). X-rays of Driver's neck were negative and there's a slight chance he might be able to play by the third game if the swelling subsides around his spinal cord. However, Green Bay is looking for veteran talent and the names of and definitely will pop up because they are experienced in the system.

"We tried to come after him last year, but it didn't work out very well for us," GM Matt Millen said of Favre. "He got hot and beat us."

The 1-0 head to Lambeau this week. Millen signed cornerback today and also put a claim in on rookie cornerback . MORE MILLOY: Agent Carl Poston came to the defense of his client, , by basically saying that the player didn't know what he was talking about.

How's that?

Well, the NFL is investigating the possibility that the Washington tampered with Milloy by offering Poston a contract prior to his release last Tuesday by the New England . And the tampering information came from Milloy. The Pro Bowl safety told Sports Illustrated's Peter King last Friday that the stepped up and made an offer and that's why he refused a salary reduction from coach Bill Belichick.

"I have to tell you that Lawyer really didn't know what was going on with the teams," Poston said today. "I did check around and told him that I thought there was more interest in him than the thought. But we had no deal with Washington. I can tell you that (Redskins owner) Dan Snyder was so shocked that New England cut Lawyer that he telephoned (Patriots owner) Bob Kraft to find out if it was really true. I tell you, if the would have come up to $3.5 million, Lawyer would have stayed in New England."

Rarely does a Pro Bowl player face being cut the week of the first regular season game. But that happened when Belichick kept pressing Milloy to reduce his salary from $4.4 million to $3 million for this season. Milloy was upset that he was being asked to accept a lot less in order to remain in New England. His final confrontation with Belichick was emotional and ugly.

In the end, Milloy agreed to a four-year contract with the Buffalo and his knowledge of the game plan not only helped quarterback , but he also contributed mightily on defense. The whipped the , 31-0.

Poston said the player turned down three offers of more bonus money ($7.5 million), but signed with Buffalo because he will earn $9.75 million over the next two seasons, plus the agreed to a clause in which they can never franchise Milloy.

BULGER REPLACES WARNER: coach Mike Martz plans to start next Sunday against the because , who suffered a concussion against the , might not be cleared to practice until Friday.

"He's upset about it, but I think it's the best thing at this point," Martz said of holding Warner out of the game. "He says he's feeling perfectly normal today and I'm assuming he's going to be fine. We got to make sure we are doing the right thing for this football team."

On FOX NFL Sunday, Martz told Pam Oliver he planned to stick with Warner until the bitter end. But the bitter end might have been a first-quarter sack by New York's .

"He made five errors on the first seven passes," Martz said of Warner. "He made a variety of errors that were not like him. I didn't know what the reason was. I've seen him have a bad quarter and then burn it up in the second half."

Martz revealed that his medical staff checked out Warner at halftime and cleared the quarterback to play. Only when the game ended, and with help from New York physicians, was it diagnosed that Warner suffered a concussion. Martz declined to criticize his team doctors.

At one point, Martz described Warner, who had six fumbles and was sacked six times, as acting "a little goofy." The coach later admitted that was a poor choice of words. "You can call me goofy," Martz said.

My thought exactly. How else do you explain going for it on fourth-and-12 when in field goal range? NOTES & THOUGHTS: The plan to sign to be their third-string quarterback.

  • coach Tony Dungy was extremely unhappy with his offense Sunday. "They're talking about shortening the preseason, but looked like we needed 10 preseason games to get ready," Dungy said.
  • Speaking of the , don't believe that owner Jimmy Irsay has given up on moving to Los Angeles. He'd still love to do it.
  • Some of the thought the were running up the score on Sunday.
  • LB Sam Mills was visiting Sloan-Kettering Clinic today to talk about treatment for his liver cancer.
  • Several coaches said they are totally against moving to an 18-game schedule. "Our league is definitely not broke, so why do they want to fix it?" asked one head coach. "I don't think the league office understands how violent our game is. It would be really hard on rookies."
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