SILEO'S SPINS: Tyson, Selig and Upshaw

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Dan Sileo

Dan Sileo co-hosts with Craig Shemon weeknights from 11 p.m. - 2 a.m. ET and Saturdays from 4-8 p.m. ET on . Check back each week for Sileo's Spins, a unique take on what's hot in sports. 1. Champ or Chump: I heard the other day heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis say that he was going to knock Mike Tyson OUT in less than five rounds. This comment comes from a guy who himself was knocked out by the likes of Oliver McCall and Hasim Rahman. The only person that can beat Mike Tyson on June 8th in Memphis is -- MIKE TYSON. Can you folks imagine what the sports world will be like with a colorful heavyweight champion again? Tyson knows the history attached to being the heavyweight champion. He sees that this is his LAST chance to put another chapter in one of boxing most compelling stories. 2. Shame, shame NFLPA: Last week, former NY Jet offensive lineman Sam Walton died of a heart attack. He was homeless. Walton played on the 1969 Jets team that won Super Bowl III. A former NFL player dying homeless is a huge slap in the face of the NFLPA! I look at what the MLBPA is doing right now and I can't believe the power the baseball players' association has. It brought Major League Baseball to its knees in 1994 and they are talking of boycotting the All-Star Game in Milwaukee. The president of the NFL Players Association, Gene Upshaw, should be embarrassed about Walton's death. At least send flowers Gene! 3. Close the Brewery: Bud Selig can't seem to help but make an ASS of himself. Now the commissioner of baseball is saying that between six and eight teams will be on the table for contraction. I hope one of those teams is the Milwaukee Brewers. If the commissioner wants to earn INSTANT credibility with the fans, the players and the owners, he'll take that sorry Brewers team and fold it. Do you REALLY believe that in the next 25 years the Brewers are going to compete for the playoffs, let alone the World Series? Plus, no one is going to the games at the new Miller Park. "BUTT" Selig - your team sucks! It's time to close the doors on the Brewers.
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