SILEO'S SPINS: Kudos to the Cowboys, NHL & Shaq

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Dan Sileo

Dan Sileo co-hosts with Craig Shemon weeknights from 11 p.m. - 2 a.m. ET and Saturdays from 4-8 p.m. ET on . Check back each week for Sileo's Spins, a unique take on what's hot in sports. 1. How 'bout them Cowboys: Hard to believe, but Dallas Cowboys owner/GM Jerry Jones had an AWESOME draft. He moved down to draft Oklahoma strong safety Roy Williams and took a GAMBLE on PITT receiver Antonio Bryant. Plus, he gained draft choices. Add that to what he has done in the free-agent market by signing players like linebacker Kevin Hardy and defensive lineman La'Roi Glover, the Cowboys are going to be a force once again in the NFL. Jones' quarterback spot is still HORRIBLE! Now is when they should call Aikman back. He's only 35! 2. Shaq vs. Wilt: How dominant a player is Shaq? The LA Lakers power DUNKER is AWESOME to watch. The big question will always be: Who is the NBA's greatest big man? The battle comes down to two men: Shaq vs. Wilt. Let's look at Shaq. He has no outside game, he can't shoot free throws, but he still throws up 28 points a night and grabs you 10 boards over his fabulous career. But we sometimes forget our past legends. Wilt changed the rules! One year he averaged 50 points and 23 boards a game. That's for a season! He also dropped in 100 points in one game. Hell, the Miami Heat are lucky they score 85 points in any one game. The greatest Laker and NBA center will always be No. 13. 3. Fire on Ice: The NHL playoffs are terrific! It's too bad sports fans in the US don't give the NHL playoffs a chance. They have horrible ratings compared to the other major sports. But if you watch the Stanley Cup playoffs, it is by far the best postseason action of any professional league. You can actually have a No. 8 seed beat a No. 1 seed and you wouldn't be that shocked. The intensity level is AWESOME. These guys love what they do. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman really has a GREAT product to sell to the US sports fans. Somehow he needs to do a better job at PROMOTING the league a little better. If you can promote guys going left (NASCAR) for 4 hours, you can promote the NHL. GET IT DONE!
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