SCOUT'S HONOR: Team-by-team review

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Draft Weekend has now passed and that means training camps are that much closer. Let¿s take a last review of how all 32 draft classes stack up.

AFC East

Buffalo There are definitely some mixed emotions regarding taking when they have Travis Henry in the fold. But this isn¿t like a totally stupid pick because McGahee is a dynamic back that could provide the with some intriguing options down the road. But you have to wonder how McGahee¿s knee will hold up on the hard turf in Buffalo. They could have taken adequate value with a defensive player, such as Andre Woolfolk since Antoine Winfield becomes a free agent after the season. But I do see some of Buffalo¿s reasoning here because they could pick up an impact player here and they addressed their glaring holes through free agency. could contribute at some point because he has such a good motor. solidifies depth at linebacker and should fit well in their scheme. Sam Aiken eventually should fill Charles Johnson¿s role at wide receiver. Mario Haggan is raw, but shows enough upfield ability to contribute as a pass rusher at some point. This class should solid depth, but the key is McGahee. Miami There isn¿t much to get that excited about, but the got some players who should contribute in various roles. You really can¿t fault the for going more aggressively after a left tackle in the second round. You need to be awfully sure regarding the left tackle position and there really wasn¿t a sure thing available. That¿s one of the positions you normally target in the top half of the first round. The key to this draft really is . Smith has the feet to play left tackle, but needs a lot of strength development. was picked higher than expected, but he provides immediate depth at linebacker and on special teams. He¿s active enough to possibly force himself in the lineup at some point. is a scrapper who provides guard depth. Ricky Manning, Jr. could be a nice addition. He¿s underrated due to his size, but he could eventually develop into a reserve corner and has potential as a punt returner. I really like the way he plays the game. Donald Lee could stick as a backup tight end and potentially is a nice fit in Norv Turner¿s passing game. New England I have a few mixed opinions on this class. has some really good tools to provide the with a solid complement to Richard Seymour along the defensive line. But the big question is whether he¿ll revert back to bad conditioning habits from earlier in his college career. Warren is quick enough to play end in the 3-4. was a really nice pick in the second round. The badly need young talent at cornerback, but it¿s usually hard to fit a young player in Bill Belichick¿s defense. But Wilson is smart enough to play in the cover-2 and has the ability to cut off routes. He could have a solid career here. Asante Samuel was another nice pickup at cornerback. He is a little on the small side and lacks speed, but could be a solid system player who provides depth. is a nice fit in Charlie Weis¿ passing game due to his speed and athleticism. My biggest question with him was his lack of durability and whether he¿s a football player or just an athlete. I would have stayed away from him. Dan Klecko is an interesting pick. He doesn¿t have the size or power to just anchor himself in the middle, but he¿s a great motor player who will be a nuisance because he can shoot gaps. Belichick and Romeo Crennel will find a role for him. I feel Dan Koppen has solid tools as an interior lineman and is a fierce competitor. He could develop into a solid starter in a few years at center or possibly guard. Tim Provost isn¿t going to see the field for a while. He needs a lot of development in the strength department, but is a solid developmental pick. Tully Banta-Cain may have a future as a situational rusher. New York The finally found an interior penetrator who adds much needed balance to their front four. Most of the ingredients needed for the front four are here now, but they could ideally use one more piece to the puzzle over the long-term. They just need time to develop. I just like the tenacity shows on the field. He¿s a player who brings a lot of attitude to this unit. They hope can fill James Darling¿s role at linebacker. He¿s a solid, blue-collar football player, but I still would like to see the add more speed here. may have been a reach in terms of value across the league, but he has a good chance to fill Richie Anderson¿s pass catching role in the backfield since he left for Dallas. Derek Pagel is a good fit for their system as a safety due to his smarts and toughness. He¿ll be a contributor on special teams. Matt Walters should be a decent backup type. He could play tackle or end, but does have limitations.

AFC North

Baltimore I really like how the worked this draft. They came away with some solid pieces to their new foundation and bolstered their depth in several areas. is a very natural fit in Mike Nolan¿s defense at outside linebacker. If he can get his weight back down, he¿ll be explosive upfield and shows extremely quick feet. Suggs and Boulware working from the perimeter makes the ¿ defense very strong. Adding with an extra first round pick could become an absolute steal. Boller has all the tools and moxie that Brian Billick looks for in a quarterback. Boller needed to be paired with someone like Billick. Now all the pressure is on Billick to live up to his reputation developing quarterbacks. You can guarantee Billick relishes this project. was very strong value in the third round and bolsters their depth behind Jamal Lewis. Ovie Mughelli could become another Sam Gash at fullback. He shows very good pop as an isolation blocker. Jarrett Johnson and Aubrayo Franklin should provide very solid depth along the defensive line. Johnson has a very good motor and Franklin has good upside in this system. They picked up potential depth with the rest of their picks, most notably with Antwoine Sanders, who could be a steal in the seventh round. The are really setting themselves up for another championship run in the next few years. Cincinnati The came away with a solid class here. is no sure thing at quarterback, but he shows very good tools to spread the ball around the field if he¿s brought along quickly. That¿s really going to be the question here because there are red flags surrounding Palmer. is an excellent addition at guard, a solid technician who works to sustain blocks well. could be a steal in the third round due to the matchup possibilities he brings at wide receiver. He has first round tools, but medical concerns and his attitude dropped him. Dennis Weathersby could also be another steal in the fourth round. I really didn¿t feel he played up to his tools in college and questioned his desire as a blue-collar player to justify him as high as others did. He¿s more of an academic guy than a true football player. But if there¿s a coach who could unearth that fire from him, it¿s Marvin Lewis. Jeremi Johnson has the raw tools to be an outstanding lead blocker at fullback, but he must improve his mental approach to the game and accept that¿s he a fullback in the NFL. Khalid Abdullah has potential as a special teamer and situational linebacker with his athletic tools, but he¿ll need time to become comfortable with the mental side. Cleveland is an outstanding addition at center for the . Faine is everything Butch Davis wants in a center. I really like his strong hands and tenacity. He¿ll give the more push inside than they¿ve received from Dave Wohlabaugh over the past few years. is an interesting pick at linebacker. He shows some intriguing raw tools, but Davis must find a defined role for him to be successful here. Perhaps that role will be as a pass rusher. played inside at Marshall, but has the potential to develop into a solid number two or three cornerback at some point. Mike Lehan could also solidify their depth in the secondary. Lee Suggs could be a steal in the fourth round. He dropped mainly due to questions regarding his ACL injury a couple years ago and his more recent shoulder injury. But Curtis Martin had similar questions coming out of college and both have similar size and running styles. With Jamel White looking for greener pastures elsewhere in the near future, Suggs could be an ideal backup behind William Green. Suggs has a lot of untapped potential also in the passing game so he should evolve into the versatile back that Bruce Arians favors in the backfield. Pittsburgh I love the potential of as an impact player. He¿s very aggressive and active against the run. He covers a lot of ground on the field with his speed and quickness. His presence on the field certainly fits the ¿ image. The only concern could be how he¿ll match up when isolated on certain pass catchers because he lacks natural footwork. The would like to play more man coverage this season. was a bit of a reach. He has some initial quickness upfield, but lacks ideal upfield speed and gets tied up on blockers too often. Ivan Taylor is a good athlete and could develop into a reserve corner at some point.

AFC South

Houston should be an outstanding fit within the ¿ passing game. And is another good fit within Chirs Palmer¿s scheme because he works the middle of the field so well from the tight end position. He¿s not fast, but does a very good job finding open spots. These additions really should help put David Carr in a position to succeed provided they can protect him upfront better than last season. could turn out to be a very productive pass rusher at some point. The ¿ brass hopes he can become their answer to Joey Porter as he develops behind Charlie Clemons. has solid raw tools to work with at offensive tackle. Domanick Davis could step in as an immediate contributor as a return specialist. Adding quarterbacks and Drew Henson was a stroke of genius for the . Ragone has the potential to become a steady starter in a few years if he has the opportunity to relax and refine his tools after a rough senior year at Louisville. That puts the in a solid position to eventually trade Ragone for a higher pick in a few years. And they could possibly create the same type of leverage with Drew Henson next spring should he decide to try the NFL. Overall, this class could become very fruitful for Houston in a few years. Indianapolis A lot of people might argue the should have taken a defensive player, but it¿s hard to argue about . This is a scenario I brought up several weeks ago as a possibility in the first round for the because I feel he¿s a natural fit for the , which has two tight ends on the field quite often. Clark may not be Ken Dilger in the run game, but he¿ll provide enough effort to prevent his defender from making a tackle. and provide excellent value. Remember that Tony Dungy¿s scheme is built around the type of players that often go in the later rounds rather than in the first round. Anyway, Doss and Strickland are aggressive and instinctive guys who are natural fits in the cover-2. Robert Mathis is an intriguing athlete to add to the mix in the front seven. Jacksonville I love the potential possesses as a franchise quarterback. He may not have the ideal mobility the Jags prefer, but he does have the ability to avoid the rush when healthy. His feel for the passing game is excellent and Leftwich also possesses outstanding leadership potential similar to Donovan McNabb in Philadelphia. Leftwich will also be an icon within the Jacksonville community once he establishes himself. Reshean Mathis is an ideal fit for their secondary whether he¿ll be a free safety or cornerback due to his athleticism and ball skills. One thing Jack Del Rio saw on film from last year¿s group was that they needed better athletes to create more turnovers. Mathis begins to address that objective. could be a possibility at left guard. With the expected to open up their passing game at some point, pass protection will be a key factor from their offensive line. My only question regarding Manuwai is how he¿ll respond to bigger and physical guys in the NFL. George Wrighster was a solid pickup as the Jags look for more production from the tight end position in the passing game. LaBrandon Toefield adds much needed depth behind Fred Taylor after losing Stacey Mack to Houston. Toefield has a similar style to former Jaguar James Stewart. Tennessee Andre Woolfolk has the tools the look for at cornerback, but really haven¿t been able to find lately in regards to his size. The aren¿t a bad fit here because he doesn¿t have to play a key role next season while they attempt to develop Woolfolk¿s technique. has upside as a vertical receiver in the mold of Corey Bradford, but I¿m not sure he¿ll develop into a consistent enough receiver to justify a second round pick. was a very nice pickup in the third round. Brown is similar to Eddie George in a lot of ways despite durability questions and fumbles. But this should be an excellent place for him to develop. I wasn¿t very high on Rien Long -- he shows too much stiffness in his play and doesn¿t break down well. Long could still develop into a solid football player with more work in the weight room and a lot of coaching on technique. Donnie Nickey should fit as a backup behind Tank Williams. Todd Williams has intriguing tools as an offensive lineman, but needs a lot of refinement and must improve his conditioning.

AFC West

Denver is a little different than most of Mike Shanahan¿s blockers over the past few years, but he possesses the tools to become a very solid starter who will out-muscle defenders. Foster can play either side of the ball and shows outstanding potential as a physical blocker who also moves well for his size. He¿ll need a lot of refinement in terms of learning Denver¿s blocking technique. has solid physical tools at middle linebacker. He has solid physical potential and offers depth, but could be pushed into the lineup if the lose one of their free agents at this spot. Bryant McNeal has developmental potential as a situational pass rusher. Kansas City There was a debate inside the ¿ draft room regarding and Pisa Tinoisamoa. With so many holes that need to be addressed, it¿s a shame they had to take a running back due to Priest Holmes¿ injury. Johnson is a tough inside runner who should be able to keep the chains moving. gives the much needed depth at linebacker. He has the potential to be a very active run defender who could cover some ground. He¿ll probably work behind Mike Maslowski in the middle and could eventually push for a starting spot down the road. It will be interesting to see how fits into their secondary. He has first round tools, but lower round instincts and attitude. Battle covers a lot of ground as a free safety and has potential as a press corner. Jimmy Wilkerson has very good upfield potential at defensive end, but needs time to put his game together. He¿s a little on the raw side at this point. Oakland I thought the took too many gambles. has a very good blend of size and physical tools as a defensive back, but has very questionable instincts. is one of those defensive lineman who kinda scare you. He has a very good frame and hustles, but carries bust potential because he lacks quickness from the perimeter and may lack bulk inside. could create some matchup problems with his size in the passing game, but he¿s nothing truly special. has raw tools at linebacker, but isn¿t a bad developmental pickup. He has a lot to learn though, especially with taking on blockers. isn¿t a bad value pick here, but needs to build more leg strength. Shurron Pierson has raw upfield ability, but is a developmental guy. Doug Gabriel has some future potential in their passing game with his size and tools. He¿ll have to develop more consistency if he wants to eventually join Jerry Porter in the starting lineup in a few years. San Diego I have mixed feelings on the ¿ class. Adding and were smart moves to add some speed to their secondary. Davis is more polished at this point and should be an immediate starter. Florence has excellent tools and potential as a press corner ¿ something Marty Schottenheimer craves. But Florence needs a lot of work on techniques and must also learn to approach the game better as a pro. was a reach in the second round. He has very good speed and physical ability against the run, but struggles in pass coverage. And I really can¿t explain in the third round. This guy was graded as a free agent by several teams. Matt Wilhelm replaces Orlando Huff behind Donnie Edwards at middle linebacker. Mike Scifres, Hanik Mulligan, and Andrew Pinnock could provide solid value in the late rounds.

NFC East

Dallas I really like what the did in this draft. They added an impact player at cornerback with . Newman is a difference maker who will help raise the level of the ¿ defense. With young talent including Newman, Roy Williams, and Derek Ross in the secondary, Mike Zimmer and Bill Parcells should have the ability to match up well with opponents down the road. But they need to work on upgrading their pass rush. is a tough, steady center who should start early and allow Parcells to leave Andre Gurode for the long-term. Jason Witten provides excellent value in the third round and has all the tools to eventually become a solid starter at tight end. He¿ll work the middle of the field in the passing game and is an excellent competitor. Bradie James offers immediate depth at linebacker and could eventually push for a starting spot down the road. New York I think this was a hit or miss draft for the . is a major boost to their defensive front ¿ especially with their lack of numbers and production here last season. Joseph has a lot of potential as an interior pass rusher and could be a strong run defender if he refines his strength and technique. This could be a steal for the after they failed in their attempt to move up for him at 15. has excellent potential as a backup in a pass catching role, but he was a little bit of a reach. Rod Babers could solidify their long-term depth in the nickel package. David Diehl offers some size and toughness to solidify a backup role along the offensive line. Wayne Lucier could offer some value as a interior reserve. has intriguing raw tools with his size and quickness, but the could have gotten him during the second day. I just feel he¿s too raw to justify in the second round. Philadelphia Andy Reid did a nice job trading up for . McDougle may need to refine a few areas of his game, but has excellent pass rush potential off the edge. He just needs to develop a few more moves, but his aggressiveness should fit well in Jim Johnson¿s defense. He could become a lot like Hugh Douglas at some stage. has intriguing raw tools in terms of his size and athletic ability. He shows the movement skills and ability to find ways to get open in the passing game. He just need to refine his tools as a route runner and pass catcher, but that should come with pro coaching. He may not be a guy that drives guys off the ball in the run game, but has the feet and shows enough effort to sustain his blocks. The have the luxury of working him in the offense behind Chad Lewis this season. was an excellent pickup in the third round. His only negative is lack of speed, but his size and athleticism will create matchup problems in the passing game. McMullen has tough enough to work over the middle of the field and should also make plays downfield with his leaping ability and ball skills Washington was an ideal fit in the second round. He¿s a polished receiver who fits Steve Spurrier¿s passing game very well. And there won¿t be that much pressure on him, he¿ll be allowed to play to his strengths as a complement out of the slot behind Laveranues Coles and Rod Gardner. If Patrick Ramsey can avoid making mistakes with the ball, the could have a very dangerous passing game. Steve Spurrier finally has the personnel needed to run his system. adds some depth at guard, but he¿s a potential bust. He¿s not that mobile in open space and isn¿t a very well-conditional guy.

NFC North

Chicago The came out of the first round addressing two major needs ¿ a defensive end with all around ability and a potential franchise quarterback. has deceptive upside ability. He may not produce big numbers as a rookie, but has the ability to develop into a very productive all-around end who surprises people as a pass rusher. may draw mixed reviews, but I just think the guy will be a winner. The have found their new age Jim McMahon. Grossman needs to mature a little, but he¿ll eventually become a leader with his competitiveness and energy he brings to the field. Grossman has a stronger arm than people realize. Grossman also flashes the Brett Favre- and Rich Gannon-type resourcefulness on the field at times. has the potential to develop into a starter in the next year or two challenging Jerry Azumah. And the also were exposed for depth problems at cornerback last season. Tillman has the ability to match up well with big receivers in tight coverage and is instinctive enough to make plays on the ball. should provide very good value and gives their depth at linebacker a boost. Detroit The did a solid job targeting needs in this group. has the potential to create a lot of matchup problems in the passing game. That¿s something that really haven¿t possessed in a few years. And they needed size badly here ¿ especially in Steve Mariucci¿s ball control passing game. With and Rogers aboard, the have the beginnings of a strong foundation. I also really like the receivers they added late in day two ¿ David Circus and Travis Anglin. Both have a lot of size and natural athletic skills to create matchup problems at some point. Overall, I really like how the upgraded their size and speed here. On the defensive side of the ball ¿ fills a major need at linebacker. is a solid addition to develop behind Robert Porcher on the left side. Redding likely won¿t be a star, but has the tools to be a respectable starter. They also got excellent value with Terrence Holt. Holt may not have great speed and make plays on the ball, he could be a very solid NFL starter and he provides a lot of intangibles. Blue Adams and Brandon Drumm should add respectable depth at cornerback and fullback, respectively. The still have a lot of holes remaining to address over the next year or two, but they are building a solid foundation one step at a time. Green Bay This isn¿t an all-star class, but the added solid numbers on the defensive side of the ball. is on the small side, but is a very active pursuit player who should match up very well in pass coverage. And Hunter Hillenmeyer gives the a little size to work into the mix. He should provide solid depth and contribute on special teams. and James Lee provide depth along the defensive line. Peterson could be a solid swing player and could provide some interior quickness. Lee is a project similar to Rod Walker when he first arrived in Green Bay. He could be an intriguing interior presence in a few years. Brennan Curtis is a good developmental player to work with at offensive tackle. In all likelihood, the may never bare great fruit from this draft, but keep an eye on some defensive side emerging from this class. Minnesota I really like how the came out of this draft. This class could produce some impact performers. and provide the with a major boost for their long-term picture on defense. Williams has some incredible upside as a playmaker with his extraordinary quickness through the gap. Williams and Chris Hovan will be an extremely tough interior for opponents to contain. And Henderson will eventually become a rock in the middle of their defense. Henderson is a very instinctive and physical run defender. Both fit Mike Tice and George O¿Leary¿s philosophy of having a very strong run defense. O¿Leary also does some great work with defensive lineman, which should enable Williams to maximize his potential. And Mike Nattiel could offer some solid depth at linebacker. is a savvy slot type who provides reliable depth at wide receiver. Onterrio Smith should be a very good fit in Scott Linehan¿s offense working behind Michael Bennett. Smith and Keenan Howry also present the with more options in the return game. Eddie Johnson shows nice potential as a punter. This could be a very productive class for the .

AFC South

Atlanta The took a lot of reaches, but the one pick I do like is Justin Griffith. I really feel Griffith is going to become a much better blocking fullback than people realize. He¿s just a very tough guy who has deceptive pop. And he shows enough versatility to catch the ball out of the backfield. Griffith reminds me a lot of a previous SEC prospect I rated as my number one fullback not many years ago who wasn¿t highly graded by many because he lacked natural size. Fred Beasley is now with the San Francisco . Carolina was a great pick by the . John Fox and Dan Henning want a ball-control offense backed by a strong run game. Gross certainly provides the some physical skills and tenacity at right tackle. And Gross could move to left tackle as soon as the 2004 season because Todd Steussie isn¿t the long-term answer here. solidifies their depth at center behind Jeff Mitchell. Nelson is a savvy technician who relies on mirroring well with his hands and feet. doesn¿t stand out in any one area of the game, but has the ability to find open zones and catch the ball well. Colin Branch is a good athlete who can cover some ground. He¿s picking up the mental side of the game and shows the ability to make plays in a zone scheme. Could fit well in a dime package and could push Deon Grant at free safety. Casey Moore is an excellent value pick and could represent an upgrade at fullback for the . New Orleans The a very interesting draft. Jonathan Sullivan was a bold move for the . I can understand how the feel they have good numbers at cornerback, which I acknowledged prior to the draft. They still need a young corner with dynamic ability. But I understand the Sullivan pick. Great defenses build with a strong foundation upfront. New Orleans has Charles Grant and Darren Howard coming off the perimeter. And that¿s great, but they lack production inside. Sullivan has good tools to work with if the can push him a little harder. With Sullivan showing the ability to penetrate inside, the ¿ defensive front will be a lot tougher to oppose next season. provides the with a young tackle to groom behind Wayne Gandy. Montrae Holland could be a nice fit at one guard spot for the at some point. will bring speed at linebacker. He¿ll probably play mostly special teams until he grasps NFL schemes better. Tampa Bay Rich McKay and Jon Gruden came out of this weekend in pretty good shape despite not having a first round pick. is an intriguing project for Gruden. Simms has shown some solid tools at Texas, but something was really missing. Simms will have the opportunity and just relax at this point. Gruden will also challenge Simms¿ mental toughness. How Simms responds could be a difference in the success of this pick. is a solid fit to come off the edge and hustle to the quarterback. He¿ll provide some immediate depth and eventually push for a starting job. Lance Nimmo, Austin King, and Sean Mahan give Bill Muir some people to work with along the offensive line. Torrie Cox could push for a roster spot as a backup corner and potential return candidate.

NFC West

Arizona This is another class where I have some mixed thoughts. I liked and as prospects. Both could develop into solid starters, but they traded away from a top impact player to pick two guys that are graded as number two starters at their positions. Johnson and are interesting fits as the need numbers at wide receiver. A lot of people will be critical of the fact their receiving corps is very inexperienced, but they couldn¿t win games with experience. Remember the Philadelphia were faced with a similar situation years ago when they had a depleted unit land added obscure rookies such as Freddie Barnett and Calvin Williams to the mix. The managed to put together a respectable passing game. Johnson will be a tough intermediate target, Boldin has some intriguing ability to create matchup problems out of the slot with his size and leaping ability. And Jason McAddley represents a downfield threat. Although Jeff Blake is erratic, he could have some productive games if he finds a rhythm with all these new pass catchers. Pace provides the with more numbers at defensive end. He has good computer numbers, which much translate to the field if the expect him to solve their pass rush drought. is an instinctive inside linebacker who should bolster their depth. St. Louis I really thought the came out of this draft strong. I know some people are surprised by them going with a defensive lineman, but it¿s a scenario I mentioned several weeks ago. Not only was better value represented along the defensive line, but the have several key free agents next spring and it¿s going to be tough re-signing them all. Kennedy has outstanding size to clog up the run game and shows deceptive quickness to disrupt plays behind the line of scrimmage. Pisa Tinoisomoa is a very nice fit for Lovie Smith¿s defense. Tinoisomoa is very instinctive and covers a lot of ground. He also has a lot of potential as a playmaker, something the weakside spot is design to create in this scheme. Robert Thomas should be able to move back inside where he¿ll be a very active run defense. and Shaun McDonald could supply the with solid depth at wide receiver ¿ especially after the slot. And they weren¿t afraid to add numbers to the secondary where DeJuan Groce, Shane Walton, and Kevin Garrett have potential to solidify themselves as solid contributors ¿ especially in the cover-2. McDonald and Groce also have a lot of potential as return specialists. Dan Curley will compete for a tight end spot San Francisco The finally snagged the offensive tackle they have been looking for over the last two years to develop as a future starter at left tackle. Harris has excellent natural size and long arms. He doesn¿t quite have the same quickness that some other left tackles possess, but it¿s hard to get around Harris when he sets up well. Harris has enough strength and understand blocking angles to contribute in the run game. But when you look at Harris, you really get the impression that something is missing and that an aggressive light needs to turn on. But I think he¿ll be a solid starter at worst. is a hit or miss type who must hit gaps cleanly. He has the potential to be a little bit of a nuisance for opposing blockers. Could be a similar performer to what DeMarco Farr was in his prime. has potential as a situational pass rusher, but durability is a question mark and he¿s too one-dimensional. Aaron Walker has a very nice frame for a tight end, but I feel he carries high bust potential unless he turns it on. He has the tools to create matchup problems in the passing game, but needs to have a better feel for coverage. The added some numbers at wide receiver. Brandon Lloyd and Arnaz Battle should offer solid depth. Lloyd has average speed and physical skills, but is a solid vertical receiver because he has good height and leaping ability. Battle shows potential as a slot receiver who can get upfield right ahead the catch. They aren¿t losing anything by taking Ken Dorsey in the seventh round. Dorsey has some physical limitations to overcome, but is such a determined guy who commands respect as a leader. He¿s worth a look. Seattle The missed out on getting a top defensive tackle in the draft, instead settling on veteran Norman Hand. There¿s no question is a coup for the ¿ especially when you play into the account the status of Shawn Springs and what his future could hold. Trufant is tough, instinctive, and has the ability to make plays on the ball. But the pass rush still remains a concern. could be a hit or miss. Hamlin is very aggressive against the run and has some matchup ability against tight ends in pass coverage, but he¿s also a very erratic and could be vulnerable to being fooled on play-action and misdirection plays. His approach to the game must also improve. Hamlin could be one of the defenders who makes some big plays, but also gives up a lot too. Mike Holmgren loves stocking up on offensive tackles, but he got some value with in the third round. Hunter has good size and raw tools, but needs a lot more reps and there are questions regarding his mental toughness. I just couldn¿t see how people were projecting him as a first rounder before. Seneca Wallace will be an interesting addition. He could work as a reliable third string quarterback and maybe progress beyond that. Brian DeLucia is a respected college and pro personnel consultant around the NFL. Formerly a consultant with and, Brian is in his third season with providing commentary around the NFL and NFL Draft.
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